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It has been an amazing ride lately as word of Thunderstruck and our X2’s October light gets in the news around the world. Here are a few good samples of what is happening.

conversations Richard FidlerWant to listen to me live? I am booked for an Interview on an ABC radio program called “Conversations” with Richard Fidler.

DATE:              MON 20 APRIL 2015
TIME:              (ON AIR 1105-1200)

The interview will go all over Australia and will be half about Space and half about my early life, probably concentrating on Computer Hacking in the early days. You can listen live on the ABC radio’s streaming links. One is below, but it will be the wrong program if you click now. They will also podcast the program so you will not miss anything. I will post a link after the show. it will be a fun interview.

Below are three links to media – one TV interview, one on-line Newspaper and one audio interview.

Channel 7 Interview

This one was great. Essentially correct, except the X2 flight is scheduled for October 2015 and the spacecraft that will eventually be built to return from space, will look like a mini Dream Chaser. After all we will be carrying only 50kg of payload, not people. We also have a real team of about 10 people – not just a father and son team. None the less the graphics are good. They are based on the orginal 3D files of the craft, made by team member Ben Hockley.



The UK Register

A great article, but focused on the October 2015 supersonic flight.

UK Register Story

Mars Pirate Radio

“Tonight, Episode XCVI of Mars Pirate Radio will feature an interview with Australian aerospace designer and entrepreneur Robert Brand.”

Doug Turnbull produces this show and it aimed at Science Fiction and Science Fact.

The site is here:

Part two is not on the website until tomorrow!

You can listen to Part 1 NOW:

Becoming a Stakeholder in ThunderStruck



ThunderStruck Stakeholder.

Want to help create a spacecraft with a purpose? Wish to See Australia as a major contender in space exploration? Want to see more jobs in the space sector here in Australia. If you answer Yes to any of these, please consider supporting this amazing endeavour.

We are entering fundraising mode soon and one of the things that we have to offer is being a stakeholder in the future ThunderStruck spacecraft. Currently we are looking to form a company to develop the concept and to partner with other organisations. At this time, there is a serious interest from one Sydney based University that may result in a partnership arrangement with opportunities to take on interns to help in the development of concept craft for flight testing.

As you know, ThunderStruck will be designed around the concept of a winged spacecraft. It will be the smallest spacecraft that can re-enter the atmosphere with stability and fly to a landing. It will be in two models – a sounding craft (straight up and down – no significant heating) and a low earth orbit re-entry vehicle. It is designed to carry approximately 50Kg of payload. A third model may be built that will be a capsule with a standard heat shield (like the Orion capsule). This will be capable of surviving re-entry from a direct approach to earth without orbiting first. The main thing is that the systems will be standard. The craft will have an optional Ion engine and also a high deltaV maneuvering system – essential for de-obiting to a precise location.

It is not expected to accept anything smaller that 0.5% shareholding for an amount of $1,500. The dollars brought into the company will be rolled into the development of the three concept vehicles along with sponsorship money and crowd funding. Money earned from video rights, magazine rights and other media opportunities will also be rolled into funding the future craft. Speaking opportunities will not be considered to be part of the company’s income.

Following the second phase concept flight test, it is expected that we will have a sounding rocket based solution for experiments sent to space and back. This will be in about 2 years time and money may be earned at that time from sounding flights producing several minutes of “weightlessness”.

An orbital re-entry solution will take several years more to develop. As little as two years or as long as four years depending on funding and any hurdles discovered in test flights.

It is not expected to allow any more than 20% of new shareholders and at this stage, 2% has already been sold. The above are not rules and not fixed in stone but are simply an outline of what is happening. Please contact us for more information if you are interested. If you have the right qualifications, you will be considered for employment in the future. There is a clear opportunity to become a director in the company.

Phone 0448881101 for more information. If not answered, please leave a clear 10 second message so that we can prioritise your call. This is not a prospectus or an offer. You need to find out more and ensure due diligence is performed. We will both decide if proceeding is suitable.

Australia:  0448881101      or Int’l:  +61 448881101

TV – You Never Know

Croatian NewspaperTV, it Happens All the Time

by Robert Brand

As crazy as it sounds for a 12 year old, Jason appears on TV, Radio, Online and Newspapers all the time. He is also seen in other people’s presentations at space and education lectures all the time.

We were flying to Frankfurt earlier this year and I spotted a newspaper being read a few seats further up in the aircraft and saw a balloon and few familiar faces in the pictures, including Jason’s picture. Yes, it was another story about our balloon flights to the Stratosphere in Croatia. It seems that Jason is getting noticed all over the world, but is not so well-known here in Australia. In fact Jason has been on TV more in Europe than Australia.

I expect that the success of Project ThunderStruck will change that. I asked if I could snap a picture of the newspaper article and that is it top right on this page and a bigger version at the bottom of the page. Both Jason and I are in the photos.

These are all pre-ThunderStruck days, but it might help with the credibility of Project ThunderStruck to know that Jason indeed has the skill set to make this a reality and he has demonstrated a commitment to the work and the science.

I just did a search of videos and discovered more stories about the Croatian balloon flights and more video of Jason and I. the video below is from a Croatian TV show called Briljanteen and shows the background to the flights, the preparation and one of the experiments conducted on the flights. I believe Australia gets a mention in the video, but since I do not speak Croatian, I do not know what they are saying!

I also found a video made from photos taken during our visit to the Croatian President. He wanted to meet the Australians that flew the University payloads to the stratosphere. It was also an opportunity to brief the president on the work of team Stellar. We even brought a model of a lunar rover.

Below is a picture of Jason meeting Croatian President Ivo Josipović

Jason Brand Meeting the President of Croatia - President Ivo Josipović

Jason Brand Meeting the President of Croatia – President Ivo Josipović

Below is the enlarged picture of the newspaper article that I spotted:
Croatian Newspaper


Fund Raising – Save the Cassowary

Rebecca McLaren, ABC North QueenslandCassowary to Near Space and ThunderStruck

We have been doing some fund raising and generating awareness of ThunderStruck. We have also been trying to generate awareness for other worthy campaigns too, using our balloon technology. Here is a recording made yesterday 14th November 2014 with Rebecca McLaren on ABC North Queensland radio. Paul Webster is being interviewed and mentions Project ThunderStruck. Paul has been instrumental in helping us in many ways and we are supporting him and the Cassowary in return. Listen to the recording and enjoy the fun of this awareness project. Learn about this amazing bird and its flight.

If you would like to learn more about Cassowary you can go to the Cassowary TV channel on YouTube. The link is below.

Below is the 10 minute interview on the project that was broadcast yesterday:

Below: See Paul Webster and a cassowary in this short introduction to Cassowary TV

Apollo 11 Interview

Spaceflight-Cover-2014-12(Widget)From Apollo 11 to ThunderStruck

by Robert Brand

It seems that an interview on my life in the space sector has been published. My good friend Nick Howes from the UK did the interview. It concentrates on my Apollo 11 work at the age of 17. No big deal, but it was pivotal in my life I guess and set the scene for what followed and ultimately the ThunderStruck spacecraft. The interview can be found in the magazine of the British Interplanetary Society.

Spaceflight Vol 56 No 12 – December 2014

The teaser for the interview says:

Nick Howes tells the intriguing story of a boy gripped by space and who went on to play an important part in the Apollo 11 story.

A little exchange from Facebook.

  • Robert Brand Seems that this is me:
    Nick Howes tells the intriguing story of a boy gripped by space and who went on to play an important part in the Apollo 11 story.
  • Nick Howes Proud to call you a friend, proud to know you… as you should be proud of all you have done… thanks buddy!
  • Robert Brand … and now building his own spacecraft easily capable of circumnavigating the moon and returning to land on earth. A funny and unexpected ending, given that 3 years ago I had no intention of doing anything like this!
  • Nick Howes As I said “pivotal” in so many ways…