Hobbyking Collaboration

HobbyKingThunderStruck Welcomes Hobbyking

I am excited to announce that Project ThunderStruck and Hobbyking are collaborating on testing many of Hobbyking’s systems and parts to the extreme. That includes incorporating many of them into the ThunderStruck X-2 vehicle for testing in September this year. Those units will experience close to zero atmosphere, temperatures approaching -60C, higher radiation (well a bit more than normal).Micro- gravity and Gee Forces of 2.5G maximum..

In case there is any confusion, this is not a sponsorship and no money is changing hands. They will be a major supporter of our project, but they are also receiving support and services from Project ThunderStruck, so this is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Jason will be testing all the First-person Point of View (FPV) using balloon flights and steerable parachutes. This will be amazing fun and we hope to bring you some real time video during the flight.

Stay tuned for some amazing fun and again, thanks to Hobbyking for all the support.

Support and Sponsorship.

dstoWe have DSTO a new Sponsor and also a University in Discussions.

I am pleased to announce that the Australian Government is helping Jason with the Phase 1 flight of ThunderStruck. They have come on board through the Defence Scientific and Technology Organisation (DSTO). They have supported us from the start but are now officially sponsors for the flight. They have offered equipment, test facilities and advice as part of the package making the value of their assistance very impressive. They have been slotted in as a Silver Sponsor based on the total value to the Project.

A Local University

Early in the new year I will be able to tell you about arrangements with a Sydney based University that has a strong interest in the project. I expect that there will be some work for interns and other people as the project ramps up. Legal documents have to be finalised before any announcement is made. Stay tuned.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

So far I have had strong support from CASA in the area of demonstrating Safety. It unfortunately does not meet their rules for sponsorship, but there may be the possibility of information about ThunderStruck to be included in a number of their publications. Work is progressing. We are not ready to submit our request for an “Area Approval” for the flight, but this is imminent. I need to visit Longreach before we can proceed.

Longreach Mayor

Discussions with the Mayor of Longreach have been positive, but at this early stage, anything is possible. I will visit Longreach in January to check the area and see if it is suitable. More on that as we progress.

Model Aero Clubs

We are seeking support from them and it has been a requirement that it be seen that we are working with CASA before we will get support. They are being careful to protect themselves from claims that they are doing the wrong thing. Until we make the formal request from CASA, we will not get more than some basic help from these groups.

Platinum Sponsor

We have 2 contenders and both are major telecommunications providers. They both have proposals on the table from us that they are considering. One possibility is to have a mobile phone video the release from the balloon and relay it live to the ground via the local mobile phone network.

Australian Space Research Institute (ASRI)

We are hoping to get some discussions and support early in the new year. We have made contact and looking forward to how we can engage fully with ASRI.

How You Can Help

We need:

  • Technology – much off the shelf such as found in electronics stores
  • assistance with the airframe – Sydney Based is preferred
  • funding to buy what can’t be sponsored
  • vehicle usage / rental; accommodation; Petrol; 4 wheeled trailer with good suspension.
  • HAM Radio gear
  • Labour / help in general when things need to be moved and/or tested.
  • Anyone with graphics capabilities to create some pictures and animation

You can also link to our pages and tell everyone about the project.

Sponsorship Levels Announced

Sponsor Benefits

This project is arguably one of the global certainties to get extreme press coverage. There is little chance of failure, especially since every aspect of the flight will be tested in advance. Several announcements will receive global coverage along the way and TV interviews will be common both in Australia and overseas. On the day of the big event, the story will be world news and carried in most first world countries. It will be exhibited along the way at prestigious events such as air shows and is even expected to have a documentary made for the entire build-up to the big event. Jason will also be put up for achievement awards such as the youth Eureka award. All of this combined will produce unprecedented opportunities for sponsors and their ability to tell their story.

Want to be a sponsor? – contact us via email at contact@projectthunderstruck.org

Phone International: +61 448881101 Australia: 0448 881 101

We thank those sponsors that have committed early to our project. they are the key to being able to do early testing and purchase of the necessary equipment. To fly our equipment on a balloon to test it, it takes a weekend of our time and about $2,000 dollars in cash. The balloons can cost over $500 and the gas over $500. We have the 1,500km travel, accommodation, food and much more. A burst balloon can cost us $1,000 before we even launch!

x 10
x 4
x 2
x 1
Mission Patches36912
Tee Shirts + Caps2345
Name and Logo on WebsiteTier 4Tier 3Tier 2Tier 1
Autographed Photo2345
Have us talk at your event *NO - we will quoteNO - we will quoteYESYES x 2
Name / Logo on ThunderStruck15cm x 15cm
x 1
30cm x 15cm
x 1
30cm x 15cm
x 2
2nd Choice of Position **
30cm x 30cm
x 2
1st Choice of Position **
Name on Sponsor Stand; Backdrops and Slides setsYES SmallestYES MediumYES LargeYES Largest
Opportunity to speak at the press conferenceNONOYESYES
Opportunity to Speak at the post success Dinner in SydneyYes - 2 minsYES - 4 minsYES - 6 minsYES - 10 mins
Sponsorship plaque YESYESYESYES
Your Logo on our dress overallsYESYESYESYES x 2
Press the big red release button ***NONONOYES

Become our Platinum Sponsor and launch ThunderStruck!

Become our Platinum Sponsor and launch ThunderStruck!

* Conditions Apply – travel, etc handled by the sponsor.

** First in each sponsorship level gets first choice

*** You are invited to the launch as our guest and you will release ThunderStruck on its supersonic flight. Transport for two is covered on all travel within Australia and accommodation twin share.

Media Coverage of Sponsors

We will have a massive TV, Radio, Press and online coverage of this event at many different times in the project. The sooner that you are a sponsor, the more benefit you will have. The announcements along the way and the event coverage will generate a huge interest and get our sponsors’ names in the media.

At each event, we will display our sponsor’s list in a foldable banner


Bronze Sponsors:

PlusComms Pty Limited (Australia)

PlusComms scaled Down Banner Logo - Bronze Sponsor

A Leader in Communications technology, Space Communications, Mining Communications and tunnel communications including AM and FM Radio ReBroadcast – suitable for car parks.

Team Stellar

GLXP_Team_Logo_Stellar Bronze Sponsor

A Google Lunar X Prize Team and strong supporter of our endeavours.