Fund Raising – Save the Cassowary

Rebecca McLaren, ABC North QueenslandCassowary to Near Space and ThunderStruck

We have been doing some fund raising and generating awareness of ThunderStruck. We have also been trying to generate awareness for other worthy campaigns too, using our balloon technology. Here is a recording made yesterday 14th November 2014 with Rebecca McLaren on ABC North Queensland radio. Paul Webster is being interviewed and mentions Project ThunderStruck. Paul has been instrumental in helping us in many ways and we are supporting him and the Cassowary in return. Listen to the recording and enjoy the fun of this awareness project. Learn about this amazing bird and its flight.

If you would like to learn more about Cassowary you can go to the Cassowary TV channel on YouTube. The link is below.

Below is the 10 minute interview on the project that was broadcast yesterday:

Below: See Paul Webster and a cassowary in this short introduction to Cassowary TV

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