How you can Help us Meet our Fundraising Goal

$80,000 is not a huge sum to raise for a project that will produce enormous interest from the news media and the press in general. Magazines will have high quality glossy photos of the flight. There will be most likely a documentary video and on the day news stories around the world. Those that give can be proud that they helped and there are, of course, the Perks. More later. We will meet our funding by a mixture of sponsors money and crowd funding.

We have several ways to contribute to meet our goal. The first is the simplest is to contribute to one of our fund raising campaigns. We have 2, but with different benefits to Project ThunderStruck.You can contribute to either KickStarter of FundRazr. With FundRazr, the money is available to us instantly and with KickStarter, we get it if we reach our goals. Both take money from the amount contributed. By the time money is removed for commission and credit card fees, we lose almost 10% – now in my world that is outrageous, but there are not many other ways to make this a reality.

FUNDRAZR - FundRazr Wins TV Show Nod

This is the most convenient for ThunderStruck, but it only takes PayPal. If you have PayPal, then you can fund it from any way you wish from your PayPal accounts. If you do not have PayPal then this is of no use to you. The money will appear in Project ThunderStruck’s account immediately and we can accelerate or program immediately to met the 6 month self-imposed deadline.

Click on the FundRazr logo above to contribute.

KickStarter logo

We will be launching KickStarter shortly. We are waiting on the announcement from a major sponsor so that our supporters know that we are serious. We will post a new page when we relaunch KickStarter. This is one of the best known fundraisers. The difference is that unless the fundraising reaches the desired level, Project ThunderStruck receives nothing. If we fail to reach our goal, will Project ThunderStruck fail? NO! it will proceed either with more funding from sponsors or we slow down our project by about 6 months. It will fly no matter what. I would ask that if we fail to meet the KickStarter limit, then I hope that those contributors may find another way to help financially


Let us send a PayPal request to You.

We can send you a PayPal request .  Please include your name, amount of the Contribution and your Street Address. We will need that if we are going to send you one of our Perks  Please email it to and we will send out a PayPal request to your email address and you can pay by PayPal or a card. Again we lose about 10% on this transaction if it is a credit or debit card. If you use PayPal we only lose about 5%.

Click here to email a contribution

Direct Bank Deposit

Live in Australia? Contact us via email for details



We will have our sponsorship page up and running shortly, but we already have 2 bronze sponsors:


Team Stellar are a Google Lunar X Prize Team and are sending a lander to the moon.


PlusAerospace Logo

A division of PlusComms Pty Ltd


Want to be a Sponsor and have your name directly associated with Project Thunderstruck at every meeting and event? For A$3,000 we can make that a reality. Your logo will even go on ThunderStruck itself for all time. We expect that it will appear in magazines, TV and I expect ThunderStruck to be housed in a museum for all time if it survives the landing! If you have a patch, we will add it to our uniform / overalls. A$3,000 is the price for early birds. It will go up as the project gains momentum.

Contributing to Project ThunderStruck will ensure kids know that many of the boundaries out there are self imposed or by others. If Jason can, anyone can.  This is a key part of our message.

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