Meet the Team: David Galea

David GaleaDavid Galea – An Australian Rocket Man and Much More

by Robert Brand

I have know David for many years and it was a pleasure to invite him to be part of Team ThunderStruck’s core group.

David also works with me on Team Stellar – a Google Lunar X-Prize Team. There, he is head of the rocketry Division. David is here for the “Long Haul”. That is building the entire spacecraft. That has always been an option since the first time I spoke with him. He is located in Melbourne Australia – a one day drive from Sydney. None the less, it is very likely that we will meet in the the open parts of NSW when we launch high altitude balloons to test the ThunderStruck components.

As an Adviser to ThunderStruck, he will not be “hands on”, but maybe one day….

Biography for David Galea

David has devoted his entire life to the exploration of science and technology. Since his childhood, David would study the universe through books and telescopes. In college, David built the first school computer in 1982. He then used that same computer to track and communicate telemetry with various satellites to win an award in the Science Talent Search.

His career started when he began working for the largest communications company in Australia (Telstra) to design, build and test what was to be called “The Internet”. He has expertise in Risk Management, Green Data Centers, Information Technology, Project Management, Renewable Energy, Technical Design and Problem Solving.

Wanting to be even more involved in space science, David joined ASRI (Australian Space Research Institute) to take part in the deployment of large rockets from Central Australia in Woomera.

David spent several years with various universities in a consultative role to guide and assist with science projects, I.T. growth and risk mitigation issues.

David has also taken the role as a Science Teacher at a Government Secondary College in Victoria, Australia. David believes that S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) needs a push in local schools and has initiated activities such as Rocketry, Moonbots Robotics Challenge and Formula 1 in Schools as part of the curriculum.

David did not teach for the Income, rather, he taught for the Outcome. The outcome of his students is paramount. To inspire them to explore what was once impossible and expand their imaginations for their future. David’s current role is a Business Performance Analyst for a large global security company in Victoria, Australia.

David and Team ThunderStruck

Simply put, anything to do with rockets will rely on David Galea’s expertise. He will also assist with automation and robotics. I look forward to seeing David in our aerospace team for many years to come and as a shareholder and stakeholder in the company.



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