We Need Your Funding Help

Dollar symbolFunding Needed to Complete the Project

Firstly, we thank all of those that have already helped with the ThunderStruck project. Soon we will be hitting the TV stations and airwaves for crowd funding, but that will take about 2 months and we are hoping to find some people that might help with the crowd funding now rather than later. We want to keep flying our tests before the big day, now scheduled for July 2015, but with out help we just cannot get there.

We need to buy gas, balloons, pay for petrol, accommodation and much more. Our balloon launches are mandated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to be at a location that is 7 hours drive from our home town of Sydney.

Simply, it costs us the best part of $1,000 every time we fly an experiment and we need to fly one now. It is designed to test the acceleration from of a slender but soft bodied payload from just over 35km altitude. The higher the better of course.

If you can help you will go on our donations page (soon to be created) and will be eligible for our standard rewards:

Perks for your contribution

$20Supporter’s name on website
$30Name on Flight + all above
$50Autographed Photo + all the above (it will be a picture of ThunderStruck)
$75Mission Patch + all the above
$100Cap with Mission patch + all the above
$200Tee Shirt + all the above
$750 –Your company’s 6″x6″ Logo, Name on the Fuselage + all the above
$1,500Your company’s 12″x6″ Logo, Name on the Fuselage + all the above excluding the $750 award
Donations of any sort will help us greatly, but you must email me at contact@projectthunderstruck.org and tell me your donation and either:
  • send it to me via PayPal using robert.brand@pluscomms.com as the email account and add your name to the transaction.
  • ask me to send a PayPal request for money that will allow a credit card payment.
  • or if you live in Australia, please send directly to my ANZ ThunderStruck account:

Bank:   ANZ
BSB:     012-260
Acc:      293323881
Name:  Mr Robert F Brand

The official crowd funding campaign will begin in a few weeks. Thanks in advance all those that wish to help make this a reality and success. Your names will be recorded in the ThunderStruck pages for many years to come as a founding contributor of an important space craft.

I am also thinking of creating a layout of the craft and have people sponsor various components. That would be great – like the zoo sponsors animals. Let me know your thoughts.

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