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We Need Your Funding Help

Funding Needed to Complete the Project Firstly, we thank all of those that have already helped with the ThunderStruck project. Soon we will be hitting the TV stations and airwaves for crowd funding, but that will take about 2 months … read more

Press Release 3 – Mars Mission

Press Release – Mars Mission Monday 9th Feb 2015 Release Date: IMMEDIATE 2022 Australian Mission to Mars Sydney, NSW, Australia. Project ThunderStruck is the brainchild of Australian aerospace entrepreneur Robert Brand. The spacecraft is in its design and testing phase … read more

Tim Blaxland

Meet the Team: Tim Blaxland

Tim Blaxland – Our Navigation Guru Tim Blaxland from Sydney Australia is an Electrical Engineer with extensive engineering management experience and has been an amateur astronomer and spaceflight enthusiast since 2003. As a navigation adviser to the Project, Tim’s work … read more

Moon Mars and Beyond.

First the Moon and Then on to Mars. It is important to have a goal and building a spacecraft of enormous capability is one thing. Proving it is another. After discussions with many people, it is clear that a flight … read more

​Ethan Chew ​CEO ANSARI Enterprise

ANSARI and Spaceports

Talking to ANSARI by Robert Brand Again, I will preface this post by saying that this call was a two way information gathering exercise. Mind you we spoke for 1.5 hours. ANSARI are all about Spaceports and the contact came from … read more

Meet the Team: David Galea

David Galea – An Australian Rocket Man and Much More by Robert Brand I have know David for many years and it was a pleasure to invite him to be part of Team ThunderStruck’s core group. David also works with … read more