Sponsor Benefits

This project is arguably one of the global certainties to get extreme press coverage. There is little chance of failure, especially since every aspect of the flight will be tested in advance. Several announcements will receive global coverage along the way and TV interviews will be common both in Australia and overseas. On the day of the big event, the story will be world news and carried in most first world countries. It will be exhibited along the way at prestigious events such as air shows and is even expected to have a documentary made for the entire build-up to the big event. Jason will also be put up for achievement awards such as the youth Eureka award. All of this combined will produce unprecedented opportunities for sponsors and their ability to tell their story.

Want to be a sponsor? – contact us via email at contact@projectthunderstruck.org

Phone  International: +61 448881101   Australia:  0448 881 101

We thank those sponsors that have committed early to our project. they are the key to being able to do early testing and purchase of the necessary equipment. To fly our equipment on a balloon to test it, it takes a weekend of our time and about $2,000 dollars in cash. The balloons can cost over $500 and the gas over $500. We have the 1,500km travel, accommodation, food and much more. A burst balloon can cost us $1,000 before we even launch!

x 10
x 4
x 2
x 1
Mission Patches36912
Tee Shirts + Caps2345
Name and Logo on WebsiteTier 4Tier 3Tier 2Tier 1
Autographed Photo2345
Have us talk at your event *NO - we will quoteNO - we will quoteYESYES x 2
Name / Logo on ThunderStruck15cm x 15cm
x 1
30cm x 15cm
x 1
30cm x 15cm
x 2
2nd Choice of Position **
30cm x 30cm
x 2
1st Choice of Position **
Name on Sponsor Stand; Backdrops and Slides setsYES SmallestYES MediumYES LargeYES Largest
Opportunity to speak at the press conferenceNONOYESYES
Opportunity to Speak at the post success Dinner in SydneyYes - 2 minsYES - 4 minsYES - 6 minsYES - 10 mins
Sponsorship plaque YESYESYESYES
Your Logo on our dress overallsYESYESYESYES x 2
Press the big red release button ***NONONOYES

Become our Platinum Sponsor and launch ThunderStruck!

Become our Platinum Sponsor and launch ThunderStruck!

* Conditions Apply – travel, etc handled by the sponsor.

** First in each sponsorship level gets first choice

*** You are invited to the launch as our guest and you will release ThunderStruck on its supersonic flight. Transport for two is covered on all travel within Australia and accommodation twin share.

Bronze Sponsors:

PlusComms Pty Limited (Australia)

PlusComms scaled Down Banner Logo - Bronze Sponsor

A Leader in Communications technology, Space Communications, Mining Communications and tunnel communications including AM and FM Radio ReBroadcast – suitable for car parks.

Team Stellar

GLXP_Team_Logo_Stellar Bronze Sponsor

A Google Lunar X Prize Team and strong supporter of our endeavours.


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