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Our Logo / Mission Patch – KSCartist Tim Gagnon & Dr Jorge Cartes

Tim Gagnon's Website

Click on the image above to visit Tim’s website. These guy do mission patches for NASA!


SpaceFlight Insider and Jason Rihan

SpaceFlight Insider

All the latest Space news.    Click on the image above to visit their website.


RFDesign to Keep us In Touch


RFD900V12_final__42922.1405412794.220.220RFDesign makes a fantastic long range modem other items used in long distance UAVs and  projects. The modem is small and light weight and has amazing capabilities. I have spoken with the head of the company, Seppo Saario. He is a real great guy who quickly got behind Project ThunderStruck. We have discussed their modems before, but this is the first time that we can actually use their equipment in a project, although we intend to use the modems in a lot of balloon projects. This will especially be the case in the coming weeks as we test for ThunderStruck.


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