Hobbyking Collaboration

HobbyKingThunderStruck Welcomes Hobbyking

I am excited to announce that Project ThunderStruck and Hobbyking are collaborating on testing many of Hobbyking’s systems and parts to the extreme. That includes incorporating many of them into the ThunderStruck X-2 vehicle for testing in September this year. Those units will experience close to zero atmosphere, temperatures approaching -60C, higher radiation (well a bit more than normal).Micro- gravity and Gee Forces of 2.5G maximum..

In case there is any confusion, this is not a sponsorship and no money is changing hands. They will be a major supporter of our project, but they are also receiving support and services from Project ThunderStruck, so this is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Jason will be testing all the First-person Point of View (FPV) using balloon flights and steerable parachutes. This will be amazing fun and we hope to bring you some real time video during the flight.

Stay tuned for some amazing fun and again, thanks to Hobbyking for all the support.