What a Week for ThunderStruck

A Lot can Happen in a Week.

It has been a massive week for ThunderStruck. We have had important meetings, been in the press, had interviews, got published with a big article in the UK Register, set up two possible JVs or at least mutual support opportunities, designed the final (as can be) configuration of the Phase 1 airframe, responded to numerous inquiries, published some pages, sent letters, discussed issues with the project and the end is not in sight. it seems that we are getting so much interest, that we will need more feet on the ground just to respond to interested people. And we do meet interesting people

Michel FournierMeet Michel Fournier

He is one of those great guys that wants to axctually JUMP from 40Km up. I’m not doing that and neither is Jason – well, not at the moment, anyway. We are supporting him and his mission for the simple fact that, in his words: “Why not in 2015 , the youngest and the oldest stratonaute ?”

8a2ffd5c-0390-11e3-8965-22000aa5129e-largeDid you notice a French spelling? Michel comes from the Marseille area in France, an area of the world I do love very much. His project is called “LE GRAND SAUT” which means of course, “THE BIG JUMP”.

Michel says: “I am currently being prepared of a jump to 40,000 meters, the objective to find solutions with the major challenges of space voyages. More than 9000 jumps to my credit with a jump from 11,898 meters”.

Well Jason is only doing this by remote control, but Michel has the drive to be up there, doing it for real. You have to love it. Below are some photos of pressure testing and test jumps. Stay across what Michel is up to and we will report it occasionally too.




You can check out Michel’s Linkedin page here:


Michel also says:

“Please check out my project : www.the-big-jump.com to know my project better and I thank you for your interest in my project.

I have a budget in Research also, in testing and production equipment of 11 million € 800 , I have tried unsuccessfully because of the balloons and lack of funding. Today I have a new balloon manufactured by the US, which should allow me to easily cross 45,000 m. For this, I must still find 1 million € to achieve it. I am looking to research for partners. All of my communications and my marketing are free. I have permission from the Canadian authorities. ”

As for progress on the other ThunderStruck activities, stay tuned for those announcements in further posts at Project ThunderStruck.

 Anyway, for the moment, Jason will have to be content with being a virtual “stratonaute“. Good Luck Michel.