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It has been an amazing ride lately as word of Thunderstruck and our X2’s October light gets in the news around the world. Here are a few good samples of what is happening.

conversations Richard FidlerWant to listen to me live? I am booked for an Interview on an ABC radio program called “Conversations” with Richard Fidler.

DATE:              MON 20 APRIL 2015
TIME:              (ON AIR 1105-1200)

The interview will go all over Australia and will be half about Space and half about my early life, probably concentrating on Computer Hacking in the early days. You can listen live on the ABC radio’s streaming links. One is below, but it will be the wrong program if you click now. They will also podcast the program so you will not miss anything. I will post a link after the show. it will be a fun interview.

Below are three links to media – one TV interview, one on-line Newspaper and one audio interview.

Channel 7 Interview

This one was great. Essentially correct, except the X2 flight is scheduled for October 2015 and the spacecraft that will eventually be built to return from space, will look like a mini Dream Chaser. After all we will be carrying only 50kg of payload, not people. We also have a real team of about 10 people – not just a father and son team. None the less the graphics are good. They are based on the orginal 3D files of the craft, made by team member Ben Hockley.



The UK Register

A great article, but focused on the October 2015 supersonic flight.

UK Register Story

Mars Pirate Radio

“Tonight, Episode XCVI of Mars Pirate Radio will feature an interview with Australian aerospace designer and entrepreneur Robert Brand.”

Doug Turnbull produces this show and it aimed at Science Fiction and Science Fact.

The site is here:

Part two is not on the website until tomorrow!

You can listen to Part 1 NOW: