New Doors are Opening Every Day

Spaceport AustraliaKicking Open Doors to New Adventure

If you don’t spend the time getting the word out about a project dear to your heart like ThunderStruck, you will stall and fail. It takes the right contacts and the right people to make a project successful. We are certainly at that point of critical mass right now.

ThunderStruck will be the sonic boom heard all over the world. It would be crass to say “The Thunder from Down Under” so I will resist the opportunity.

Door 1: I recently posted in a number of new places including a lot of suitable Linkedin Groups and they certainly produced results and for all parties, not just ThunderStruck.

I received many comments on the posts and some have been exceptional.

Add to that the interviews on radio, print and on-line media and the results have been spectacular. Here is an ABC news article that certainly got new attention all over Australia:

Click here to read the article

Door 2: Another has been an article in the UK based The Register.  This has been an amazingly popular 2 page story that gained global recognition for the project.

The Register

Spaceport AustraliaSpacePort AUstralia (SPAU)

Door 3: This is one such organisation run by a man that has caught my attention. He is not well known in the space sector and is more of a business man, but he is dedicated to building a spaceport here in Australia and I believe that he will succeed. He is looking in Queensland and believes that he may have found the airfield that may become our first spaceport. John Moody is his name and the company is Spaceport Australia. John has connections in the music business and I am hopeful of some great connections for ThunderStruck. You can find out more about Spaceport Australia and we will be posting more stories about John and SPAU regularly.

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More to Come

There are more big opportunities on the way and we have to get signatures on legal documents before I can speak about them. None the less if you are interested in taking a small shareholding in the business side of things, I can discuss the upcoming opportunities.