ANSARI and Spaceports

ANSARI Enterprise LogoTalking to ANSARI

by Robert Brand

Again, I will preface this post by saying that this call was a two way information gathering exercise. Mind you we spoke for 1.5 hours.

ANSARI are all about Spaceports and the contact came from discussions with John Moody. John is working to establish a spaceport here in Australia.

What surprised me was the absolute unity in our thoughts about spaceports. This post is not about the fine points of our conversation, but to simply introduce you to the company and the work happening in spaceports globally. This is from the ANSARI Enterprise website:

ANSARI – About:

Ansari Enterprise is a venture launched in 2014 for the development of spaceports and supporting space communities to sustain the ports’ local space industries.  By providing consulting services in business development and networking as well as technical consultancy, we seek to accelerate the development of spaceports and their respective businesses.  For the supporting space community, we seek to bring together the appropriate businesses, industries and amenities, and promote coordination and cooperation to develop a comprehensive community that is able to sustain and grow.  We have advised our current clientele in the US and abroad in the development of their spaceports, businesses and communities.

​Ethan Chew ​CEO ANSARI Enterprise

​Ethan Chew ​CEO ANSARI Enterprise

Their Mission:

This venture will consult with client spaceport developers to develop real estate for Space Cities around spaceports to serve their communities of tenants and employees.  Such developments will provide residences, work spaces and commercial and service amenities to add value to the community.  We are working with International partners to launch our projects at aerospace communities to create on-site desirable living and working conditions and enhance attractiveness of those communities.

This venture also provides business development and technical consulting services to space businesses as spaceport tenants.  We connect these ventures to resources that increase their chances of success and forward their technology development.

So we spoke for 90 minutes and had to end the call as we both needed to do other work. We could have spoken much longer! I expect that there will be many opportunities with our businesses given the synergy or both viewpoints and also work opportunities.

I will keep you updated if there are new developments.