Meet the Team: Tim Blaxland

Tim BlaxlandTim Blaxland – Our Navigation Guru

Tim Blaxland from Sydney Australia is an Electrical Engineer with extensive engineering management experience and has been an amateur astronomer and spaceflight enthusiast since 2003.

As a navigation adviser to the Project, Tim’s work will kick in with the second phase testing on a sounding rocket and will be required in earnest for the Phase 3 orbit and re-entry in 5 to 6 years time. TimĀ  will be then responsible for the design and modeling of spacecraft trajectories, assessing the trajectories for their impact on communication and navigation operational procedures, providing advice on navigation technologies and their integration with the vehicles, coordinating vehicle constraints with other team members, and assessing the impact of these constraints on the mission objectives.

Tim has worked extensively on the simulation of spaceflight, including:

  • A trans-lunar moment exchange tether, including trajectory determination.
  • Modeling of the precession of the orbits and axes of solar system bodies.
  • A generic attitude control auto-pilot

He has been recently working with team Stellar as their Chief Technical Officer and has contributed extensively to mission designs and the technical aspects of a space business.

Tim has also been involved with the our High Altitude Balloon flight to 33km altitude both here in Australia and in Croatia. Tim’s attention to detail contributed greatly to the success of the 2 flights in Croatia and these were the first 2 legal flights in the country. We are not aware of any other flights that were approved. In the video below you will see myself (Robert Brand), my son Jason (12) and Tim Blaxland. The others are all local Team Stellar members past and present. The balloons carried local student payloads to the stratosphere. Tim can be seen working with the payload on the ground and throughout the video.