Renaming ThunderStruck’s Models

NASA X-15ThunderStruck’s Models Renamed to Avoid Confusion

It should have been clear from the start. We would have too many models of each craft to keep track of them. It is getting confusing for us and for you. So here is the deal, in honour of those that flew the early flights in NASA’s X flight series (image right), we will do the same. The ThunderStruck “X” series will be all test designs and test flights with experimental craft. Some will fly in space, where the X1 and X2 will be supersonic test design and test flight craft.

So the first bird in our list is:

ThunderStruck X1 – a Flightless Bird

Is was a flightless bird designed to give us a bench mark to start the design refinement process. It had a lot of what we wanted such as landing stability (wide wheel area); a large fuselage that would be more like a required in spacecraft with wings and symmetrical wings to keep it in a supersonic dive. Since we had models made and it appeared on TV, we have given it the name of the X1


This is the model that was seen in Channel 7’s interview about ThunderStruck. In the end it was too fat and needed more wing area. Making the fuselage small effectively helped with the wing area! The X1 is a key design as aside from a few changes, it appears to be a capable design. What is not shown was that it was to have Pop-out canards for subsonic flight. The later craft should not need canards.

Roger WeissThe Roger Weiss

We are naming the X1 craft that started it all, the Roger Weiss. It is named after a very inspirational Facebook friend that is an inspiration and mentor to so many, my long time Facebook friend, Roger Weiss. Roger excites so many about the joys of space and he is prolific too. Roger lives the dream too. He lives in Houston Texas in the USA and has the job title of “International Space Station Program’s Research Integration Office, Technical Integration Lead, Barrios Technology at NASA Johnson Space Center. That is a mouth full. Hey Roger I will be in Houston in June 2016 and I will knock on your door!! Although this bird never got off the ground, like you Roger, inspiring others, it has been a truly key craft in getting us into space one day.

ThunderStruck X2

This bird is destined to fly fast. The fastest amateur craft in the sky. Set to break Mach 1 and expected to reach Mach 1.5, this bird will be the evolution of the X1. It is sleek and will break the sound barrier even if dropped from 40km. A good altitude for Plan B if things don’t go our way during the flight.

A bigger wing area and more wing forward compared to the X1. The rudders will be at the rear and tapered. there will be a tapered design for the fuselage.
X2 MainBody_Front_Perspective

Ann LornieThe Ann Lornie.

The craft that breaks the sound barrier officially will be called the Ann Lornie after a dear friend that was so encouraging when i first joined Facebook. She was inspiring and a lovely friend and I just discovered that she has cancer and about 3-6 months to live. This is named in honour of her and her friendship that underpins where I am today. She has not been well for many years, but this is new and I am devastated to hear this news. The Ann Lornie will go into the record books in October this year and I would love Ann to be still on this planet to witness this and her name going into our space flight history. Hang in there Ann, this one is for you! Ann Lives in Rusper, West Sussex, in the United Kingdom.

Since publishing this page, Ann passed on and the comments below reflect on that. She was very popular and very supportive of this project.