ThunderStruck Momentum Builds

ThunderStruck support from MASNSWThunderStruck Gets Backing

We were supposed to be flying a High Altitude Balloon Payload to 33.3Km this weekend, but that quickly changed when we saw the Griffith area forecast. Rain, top temperature of 22C and probably winds. So we are staying home and postpone the trip a week or two, depending on the weather.

None the less that disappointment hardly tarnishes what has been a great week with progress each day. The big announcement is that we have now received backing from the Minature Aero Sports NSW. The type of support is being negotiated, but they support the innovation and Jason’s attempt on the sound barrier. The piece below is from their website:


Miniature Aero Sports New South Wales Inc. is a State Association of Model Aviation Clubs that actively promotes the sport of Radio Controlled Model Aviation within New South Wales, Australia. It also represents the interests of its many club members on a National level through its affiliation with the Model Aeronautical Association of Australia Inc MAAA . Over 95 Model Aviation Clubs are currently registered with MASNSW. These 95 plus Clubs contain comprise in excess of 2300 members, making MASNSW one of the largest of the Australian State Associations.

On Thursday night, Bob Carpenter, his wife and Tim Nolan met with Jason and I and we went over the project, the expectations and the realities. Bob and Tim were supportive and took the project to the committee and they have had a positive response to out request for support. I look forward to telling you the outcome in the next month – the fine details of the support.

logoThe Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering

The information below is from their website:

Throughout the past three decades of operating, The Warren Centre has delivered many innovative projects through industry collaboration and support, which have advanced the discipline of engineering and related fields. These initiatives have led to new approaches in Australian infrastructure, technology and engineering, providing greater links between government and industry with viable opportunities for wealth creation. The Warren Centre continues to deliver projects that drive innovation for industry. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our current projects, other Warren Centre initiatives or to become part of the Warren Centre network.

The Warren Centre is located in Sydney university, close to the Aerospace Department, where I give the odd guest lecture. This week they asked whether Jason and I would be guests at their dinner in early February. Given the guest lecturer, we would be stupid to say no!


I suspect that Jason will get a real kick out of meeting with Professor Brian Schmidt. Dare I say that it will “expand” his views of the universe. Go look up what Brian contributed to the world of science if you missed the reference.

We are so looking forward to being guests of the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering!


YAA_LOGOYoung Achiever Awards

Jason has been nominated for the NSW Young Achiever Awards – Science Leadership.  March 21st will be the big dinner and if he does well, then may be he will be in the final selection.

There are a few other nominations in the offering, but credibility is key to our success and I see these nominations as a way to have others vet this project and tell the world that it is for real. Telling the world that a 12 year old will break the sound barrier do seem a little “out there”. but my close friends know that we live on the edge of what is possible. Jason and I have the same drive and the same adventurous spirit.


There is way more happening, but I can only tell you what we are allowed to make public at this stage. I look forward to our next update.

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