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5 Ways to Make Your Office Festive


I’d like to say throw all the lights, glitter and Santa outfits at it, but maybe rein(deer) it in a touch. Christmas has been named the most wonderful time of the year and many would be inclined to agree, so it would be a shame not to make the most of it.

Any office or workplace can undertake a festive facelift, to brighten the mood, celebrate the time of and year and provide the office with a different presence to the rest of the year.

Secret Santa

Partaking in Secret Santa is common practice, but if it’s not, it’s a nice tradition to have.

The great thing about Secret Santa is you all agree on a price, therefore no one should be spending any more or less than the other. You select the recipient at random, which could be easy or a challenge – and that’s the fun of it.

If it’s a challenge, you’ve been given another opportunity to learn about a colleague and find out what Christmas present would make them smile.

The Office Christmas Tree

Well, there has to be a place to put all the presents!

The office tree doesn’t have to be grand and lavish, just something green and easy to decorate. Decorating a Christmas tree can be instructed as a team building exercise as well as adding another level of festivities.

Add lights, mismatching baubles and observe how the team interact.

Desk Decorations

I don’t care what anyone says, tinsel makes the world a better place.

Incorporating a few, reasonable decorations at your desk is enough to boost moral, make you feel festive and both of these can support productivity levels.

An ornament, a mini tree on the desk or tinsel around your office screens are just some of the ways to add decoration.

Christmas Jumper Day

A Christmas Jumper Day sets people apart, the silly from the serious & the grinches from the Christmas lovers.

The whole point of a Christmas Jumper Day is to pull out a thick knitted jumper, which is ugly enough that it makes it pretty amazing.

If this doesn’t leave the office in joy and laughter – nothing will!

Food, food & more food

Festive bakes, biscuits and anything in the shape of a star!

Christmas food becomes more themed every year so it’s easier than ever to create a Christmas based feast for the office to enjoy.

Allowing the office to take lunch at the same time will be another way to bring the group together and build bonds.

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