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6 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

Would you refuse to handle a recruitment company? Perhaps you have noticed the horror stories? Or perhaps have you yourself been remaining in the lurch by several “talent attraction” cowboys?

We are (really) not all of that bad.

Indeed – I’m likely to be somewhat biased – though the reality is; there are several truly good things which (good) recruitment companies are able to do for you.

No bullsh*t. Allow me to share the facts…

  1. Get access to much more, greater candidates

There is no one-size-fits-all method of recruitment; it takes the, resources, and time expertise to try methods that are various .

A recruitment agency such as Ltek recruitment currently have an enormous jump start, created with the following:

  1. Job Boards. Since they are continuously recruiting, companies are able to negotiate excellent value, long term contracts with job boards throughout the UK – getting the advert of yours in front of the best people, almost instantly.
  2. Talent Pipeline. Candidates will in fact track down and also register for companies which have an excellent track record in the market. So a (good) recruitment bureau will by now possess a system of interested, friendly and skilled candidates to address with the vacancy of yours.
  3. Passive Candidates. It will take skill, knowledge and confidence to address passive candidates and also persuade them to think about a job – utilizing various mediums, including (but not limited to) social media, email as well as the telephone.

Gone would be the period every time a brief paper advert will get the job done – recruiters have to adjust as well as alter with the occasions, discovering new methods to fill roles.

Having this wide candidate reach leads well to our upcoming benefit… two. Save time

The top reason people use recruitment organizations? In order to help save time.

The recruitment procedure is definitely not a fast one and (especially with well-liked roles), recruiters are able to wind up spending time and getting nowhere.

Recruitment organizations take away several of the hassle…

Screening CVs.
Candidate marketing communications, such as follow up.
Overall administrative tasks.
First interview.
Salary negotiations.

And also simply because this is what they actually do day in, day out, they could get it done all faster anyway – they understand precisely what you should search for, the questions to question allowing it to read through some indicators in the beginning.

It provides HR Managers (or anyone who works with recruitment) time to contend with more important issues.

  1. Market Knowledge

It’s a recruitment consultant’s duty to keep updated with the most up to date news, current affairs along with innovations in the market they are recruiting for.

Thi i’s exactly where niche organizations excel (it is really not possible to keep current with each sector).

This kind of awareness is going to enable them to direct you through the whole process, advising you of virtually any changes which may change the process of yours.

For instance, an agency is going to be in a position to help you with income bench-marking.

They will understand what the’ going rate’ is today, whether there’s a skills shortage or maybe candidate surplus and just how this may change the odds of yours of recruiting.

  1. Recruitment Knowledge

Naturally, recruitment organizations are simply of higher quality at recruiting in common – it is the things they’re doing.

They understand how to ensure the work advert of yours ranks very, using well-known phrases and keywords so that the maximum amount of individuals essentially see the vacancy of yours.
They understand how to produce a compelling, attractive task advert that really gets people to generate.
They understand how to immediately, but efficiently screen a CV, sussing away weaker candidates in the beginning in the procedure.

And a lot more!

This particular recruitment understanding, built up on the project, is invaluable. There is no replacement for experience.

  1. Employer Branding

Agencies understand how essential employer branding is – not only with regards to recruitment – but to a company as an entire.

They will (of course) symbolize you professionally throughout the whole process, though they will additionally make sure that candidates get a sense for the business culture of yours as well as brand too – one thing and that is very essential nowadays.

It is likewise great to get an agency on the side of yours, since they will back you every step of the manner in which.

For instance, if the profitable person gets yet another offer/counter offer, they will assist with negotiations and simply help persuade the (right) person to pick you.

Candidates tend to be more apt to pay attention to a recruiter – the exterior, skilled party who they believe in.

  1. Less risk

(Good) agencies are going to put the cash of theirs where the mouth of theirs is and provide you with a rebate period.

Whenever the profitable candidate leaves within a specific amount of time then they will either change them (for) that is free or even provide you with several of the cash of yours back – based on the terms.

Thus, it is significantly less a lot of a big problem in case a candidate does not work out (you do not go to square one)!
The “downside”

OK I am aware, as a recruiter myself, I am going to be (a small bit) biased.

Though I promise that many of the above holds true – in case you go to an excellent, reputable agency.

Naturally, you are going to have paying a fee. Though you typically wind up saving cash in the end – think about all of those male hours, job board costs, the expense of getting the incorrect person, LinkedIn Recruiter etc.

I am certain, you have heard horror stories, or even maybe even encountered a terrible bureau yourself. But never tar people with the very same brush.