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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Working With a Video Agency

I will be explaining why you need to start working with a Video Agency as soon as possible.
These points may not be applicable to you. However, if you’re nagging at yourself while you read along… You can think back to what I said. Let’s get to it.

1. You know video content is worth it

But you’re just not able to make it happen yet.

I’m sure that you have read the statistics. I am sure you are aware that video content, when well made, is very effective in generating a good return on investment and highly engaging for nearly all people on the planet.

Sorry, but it is my duty to provide the raw data.

52% say that video has the best ROI out of all content types.
82% say their brands consider their previous investments in video successful or very profitable.
A majority of internet users recall seeing a video advertisement on a site that they visited within the past 30 days.


91% of marketing professionals use online video content to market their products.

Although it’s good to be a follower of the herd, that doesn’t mean you should not use video in your business. The importance of leads, engagement, and the impact on results.

2. You don’t have the internal resources or time.

You have probably considered it at some point, don’t you? What about creating your own video content.

You’ve been thinking about it all night, staring at your computer. You are chewing on your pencil. Add up the hours of work and the staff members.

Then you’ll reach the great wall.

Who will write the screenplay? Who will film it and with whom? How will it fit into your current projects?

Please don’t think I’m trying to be negative. It is possible to make your own videos at home. I believe it is something every company should attempt at least once.

Does this sound contradictory? It could be a little contradictory.

Today almost anyone can create and edit beautiful videos on their iPhone. But, creating brilliant and engaging video content is not about you.

What a beautiful video!
How well-dressed your presenter is.
You can’t believe how clever the script is.

It’s also (and mostly) about:

Good distribution

Those may be the things you are less confident in.

But it’s not impossible. It’s hard. It takes grit. It takes practice. It requires an experienced, creative, synchronous team that has been through a process that has been tested many times. (At the very least, that’s what we do.

Create an internal video. It should be simple and easy to film. Present it to your audience. You can learn from it.

You might be able to squeeze in one or two short videos into your daily schedule to help with your social marketing and internal communications.

Do not worry if your resources, expertise, or time are limited to produce a quality video and develop a strategy around it that will meet your needs. This is the reality for most businesses.

Here’s a secret. We’re a video agency. Even though it’s difficult to find time to produce our own content, we do have a few hours to spare.

It is something we are currently working on. We are experts in video production and marketing, so we know what the process entails. It’s not worth doing if it doesn’t go well. It shouldn’t look half-assed.

I’m trying not to offend, but the chances are you won’t be able to meet all your video needs within your own home. This is not a bad thing.

3. Be wary about the video-making process

A strange fear may be felt towards the video creation process.

I have seen experienced marketers and internal communicators break down at the mere thought of producing video content.

It is still an unknown medium and a new, foreign process.

Marketers will no doubt have managed to create or oversee the creation of many types of content. These include blog posts, infographics and case study. Maybe podcasting is something you’ve tried. With all these kinds content, video has many similarities. Content must appeal to the audience, so every piece of content must be engaging or useful.

Video can be used in internal communications. However, it is not as easy to use as presentations and newsletters. You still need to build relationships with your team. It’s important to make even dull information exciting and relevant.

However, video is not without its problems and peculiarities. Do you know where you can find presenters and voiceover artists to hire? ).

When it comes to creating your own video content, you might feel anxious or out of your element. Pros do it.

You might find that video is too daunting for you to handle, and consider working with an agency. They leap over video-related hurdles every day.

4. Video Content isn’t your strongest point

I’ve been dancing all around the point. Let’s just be truthful. Everybody needs to play to their strengths. Video isn’t one of those strengths.

(At most, not yet.

I’m not rude. Your video skills are not up to par. Maybe you’re a skilled writer or you have the ability to plan a social campaign that is unlike any other.

Your business can have its own strengths.

You don’t know where to begin when it comes video content. (See point 3.)

There’s just not enough time in a day, week, or life to be an expert at all things. Who would wish to? That’s why we are specialists. We are masters of many trades.

Stay true to your strengths. The agency that produced your video will do it the same.

5. You need expert guidance

Video content requires expert assistance.

There’s no shame. In fact it’s the wisest and most responsible decision you can make. Making video is a complex process and it takes the right people with the right processes to make it work. You must source these items from other sources if you don’t have them in-house.

A variety of viewpoints and experiences are necessary in order to create high-quality video content. You must get out of your own little world. It can be difficult to do this if you work only with your team.

A video agency can provide access to external experts. The project is made possible by the collaboration of experienced professionals, who can bring their expertise and ingenuity.

You are really paying for their experience and maybe even more than their services.

You can think about all the other specialty jobs that you may outsource or need external guidance. IT services, graphics design, coding. Professional video is not possible so it should be outsourced.

6. You Want to Get Great Results With Video

The main reason you should use video content is to get amazing results.

Maybe you would like to:

You can create an explainer video to place on your homepage.
To motivate employees, film an inspiring message from your MD.
You can create an interactive video clip for use in social campaigns.

Video allows you to do all this and more.