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How Do Shell Scheme Graphics Compare To An Exhibition Stand?

Exhibition stands and shell scheme graphics are a large part of exhibiting and come in all shapes and sizes. The aim of the exhibition game is to stand out from the rest and to present a unique display stand to win new business.

When purchasing your space for an exhibition they’ll be floor space only options along with shell schemed spaces, but what are the differences between them, and which is the right one for you?

What is a floor space only option?

The name says it all. What you’ll have is a floor space only with 4 open sides and full flexibility on the display you can have.

A 4 open sided stand space allows you to look at display options which could be in the shape of a backdrop, L shape, U shape and even a full printed room. Double sided print would be advised as with all eyes on your stand, you’ll be noticed from all angles.

An exhibition stand can come in the form of a flexible display stand, pop up stand, eco-friendly display or a hire stand.

Exhibition stands are known for there reusability, easy assembly and for creating a spectacle (in a positive way!) As the stand will be placed on to the open plan flooring, some part of the floor space will be lost with the depth of the stand. Most of the time this isn’t an issue, but is definitely something to note when planning the design configuration.

How Do Shell Schemes work?

Shell schemes are a framework which are built in your stand space ready for your arrival. However, this is only the framework without any graphics or print.

Selecting an exhibition space with a shell scheme can be more convenient in some senses as minimal assembly is required. What’s more, storage isn’t a thought as at the end of the event, the shell scheme is taken care of for you.

Even though the frame isn’t yours, there are still many ways the stand space can be personalised and tailored to your brand. The main features are the printed panels which attach to the frame.

Stoplight media, rollable graphics are teamed with hook and loop fixings to securely fix your artwork in to place. Hang all of the printed panels and instantly, the dull silver frame has been transformed into a large, eye catching marketing tool.

As the panels connect to the frame, you’ll be using none of the floor space, leaving more room for accessories such as counters and leaflet dispenser.

Whether you’re searching for an exhibition stand or shell scheme graphics, you’ll have an amazing display. Both solutions display your brand, speak to your customers and effectively promote your business, all you need to decide is on how you’d like your stand to look.

What are the benefits of a freestanding exhibition display stand?

  • Create different stand shapes
  • Choose the height and width
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Designed for transportation
  • More design flexibility

What are the benefits of the Shell Scheme Panels?

  • Easy to roll and store
  • Uses no floor space
  • Attaches to the framework
  • No installation team required
  • Cost effective
  • Reusable printed panels