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Reasons Why Companies Choose Animated Explainer Video

The definition of animated explainer videos is quite narrow for most people. This video is usually found on your home page and tells people who have attention problems all about your product or services in just 1-2 minutes.
However, in reality, just like the engine that could, the trusty explainer clip is capable of much more.

This article will discuss some surprising uses of explainer videos and reasons to use an animated explainer video company.

1. Sales pitches

You don’t want to make it difficult for potential investors or customers to pitch your new product. A great way to communicate the core value proposition for your product is to use an explainer video as your pitch.

You can also go into the boardroom with the video. This will allow you to calm down before the pitch. It can also give you an opportunity to make a professional impression on your audience.

It is best to start with a declarative sentence, then sell a few of your features, and then end on an open-ended query.

2. Shows/conventions

Conventions and trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to make connections with potential customers or partners. Just like a sales pitch, it is important to quickly communicate your message. It is important that people who pass your booth get a sense of who and what they are even if there was no intention of talking to you.

A looping explainer video can be shown behind you on a monitor. You can have captions displayed on-screen so that viewers can understand what your video is about, even though they may not be able to hear it.

3. Email marketing campaigns

Videos can do so much more than enhance your email marketing campaign.

Syndacast says that the use of the word “video”, will increase open rates 19%, increase click-through by 65%, and reduce unsubscriber rates by 26%.

There are several ways that you can include video in your email. One way is to include it in your email workflows. Let’s assume you offer a downloadable guide or ebook on your website. The content is locked. Visitors can share their email addresses when they download that content. The email sequence is then automatically routed to them. You will first share the content in an email. Then, a nurture sequence works to move the visitor along your sales funnel. This allows you to shift the conversation away from the content and towards your products and services. The third or fourth email is a great place to share a video that explains, in broad strokes what your product is about.

4. Email signatures

Emails are a huge topic. Did you know that 269 million emails are sent every day around the world?

Templafy reported that the average worker sends approximately 40 business email per day and receives on average 121.

Imagine if every email contained a short video explaining your product or service. It’s a lot more people than those who were already getting the emails.

5. Training for employees in the company

It is impossible to emphasize the importance of onboarding and training. Informing the long-term performance as well as sustainability of a new hire is crucial during their first few days. It is important to share lots of vital information and key processes in the first few days.

The human brain can be likened to a proverbial sieve, even when we try to concentrate and stay focused. We don’t have the ability to retain every bit of information that we receive, no matter how much we try.

This leads us to the importance of video as an instructional tool. One thing is that it is based on educational neuroscience. The Social Science Research Network reports that 65% of people are visual learners.

Video can also be made repeatable and can be rewatched. Your new hires will get the same level information. No more gaps due to your trainer not covering something important on day 3. Smart businesses now offer an internal content repository where employees can find the information they need.