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The Benefits of Video Marketing for Businesses

Recent years have seen video dominate the internet. Marketing teams are making this a priority when devising new strategies. Video marketing offers many benefits, particularly for potential customers. One in four consumers aren’t interested in businesses that offer online video. Even if your company isn’t taking advantage of this opportunity yet, it’s never too early to learn how a video marketing company can benefit your business.
Video Marketing Benefits


Your company should have strong online presence as video accounts for 74% of all online traffic. Video content is an effective way for your company to get noticed online. Simply Measured found that Facebook videos get shared 1,200% higher than text posts and hyperlinks. Video marketing can help your company reach a wider audience. Marketing professionals believe that video marketing has a powerful effect on brand awareness. 52% of them are confident that video marketing can increase exposure. Video content can help you reach out to consumers who might not be familiar with your brand.

Build Trust

Video marketing can help you gain more exposure. Your online presence can be increased by video marketing. This will help build trust with your followers. Video can spark conversation by allowing users to ask questions about you and your business. Recent research revealed that video content is 10x more popular than any other type of social media post. Because your company is able to show honesty and genuine interest in your audience, this type of interaction can help build customer loyalty.

Boost Sales

Video is an ideal way to present products to customers. MultiVisionDigital found 64% of potential customers are more likely to buy a product online after viewing an explainer video. These videos not only allow potential buyers to better understand products but they also provide a comfort level that encourages customers to purchase the product. Video embedding on landing pages can help companies increase sales. The potential to increase conversions of sales by as much as 80% can be achieved by embedding a video on a landing page used in a marketing campaign. Videos can make visitors stay longer on the pages and encourage them to read more.

Video marketing strategies can greatly increase your company’s success. You can increase your company’s visibility, trust and sales by using video. Now is the right time to integrate video into your marketing campaign. Video marketing teams can provide professional guidance if you are looking for expert assistance.

Don’t wait! Partner with a video company and discover how video can improve your business.