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What does a Personal Assistant do?

Do you want a job as a PA? Perhaps you are interested in becoming an executive PA.
If you are organized and like to be task-driven, you could make a great Executive Personal Advisor. There may be similarities between some PA roles but Executive PAs could have many other elements. The only thing you may encounter is a salary difference when you apply.

What is a PA?

Personal Assistants, also called PAs or personal assistants, are administrative and support staff who provide assistance to individuals (usually senior employees) and occasionally to the entire organization.

The typical tasks of a PA include writing, taking minutes, and managing and filing diaries. Key skills for PAs include good communication skills both verbally and written, organisational skills, attention to detail, and excellent communication.

What is Executive PA?

Executive personal assistants, also known as Executive PAs, have some of same duties and responsibilities.

It is their responsibility to manage all aspects of their manager’s work day.

Executive PAs work to simplify the life of their bosses by making their lives easier and allowing them to concentrate on the important things in their job.

So what is the difference between these two?

An Executive PA and a PA are two different things. Executive Personal assistants work with higher-ranking managers.

This generally means that you will work with CEOs and other top-ranking employees.

Their job is more complex than that of a PA. Because of this, they are responsible for much more than just administrative tasks.

Additional tasks may include coordinating events or liaising to clients. These are not typically the duties of a PA.
Executive PA skills

Executive PAs should have the ability to manage time and pay attention to details.

Because their job requires them to be autonomous, they’ll need to be adept at prioritizing, sometimes working with little to no guidance from their very busy bosses.

To be able to make informed decisions under pressure it is necessary to understand and appreciate their needs.

The Executive PA must also have people and management skills. This is essential for supporting their senior manager.
Benefits of working as an Executive PA

Executive PAs, due to their greater responsibility, earn more money than their PA counterparts. The average salary for entry-level jobs is PS6,000 more.

However, the career path offers other benefits than just salary. There is more exposure to senior management as well as more work experience.

You might have the opportunity to plan events and manage larger projects. This will allow you to work closely with other areas such as the product or digital marketers.

Many Executive Personal Assistants are discovering that this exposure opens up more opportunities to move into high-earning career paths and become Project Managers and Product Assistants.

An abundance of career opportunities are available for those looking to break into the field, as executive PA jobs are available at almost all major companies around the globe.
Retired Executive PA

Executive PAs must have the ability to manage and administrate effectively.

A Executive PA course is the most efficient way to achieve this.

This will allow you to quickly apply for jobs and be an indicator of your skills for potential employers.

Because it’s the best way to acquire the complex people skills needed for this type job, classroom-based training is ideal. You can share your experiences with other Executive PAs and create networks that will support you in your long-term career.

You can easily fit most courses into your daily life, as they are flexible and can also be taken part time.

No matter if you’re an already employed PA and are looking to advance your career or if you’re new to the industry, learn more about ExecutivePA courses.

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