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A quick guide to cleaning your caravan

The brand new time of year is nearby and it is some time to begin imagining about cleaning and polishing the caravan of yours. So it is time to get the warm water, polish, shampoo, dusters and brushes at the ready to provide your tourer the one time over.

Lots of people could possibly believe caravans and automobiles are very similar and also might be enticed to seek out the automobile shampoo & jet wash when washing their’ van. Nevertheless, you have to recall that caravans have different color and also bodywork so need a much less coarse product so you do not wind up scratching the surface area. Plus you have to take more care with water, to avoid harm to the seals.

You will need:

Hose / bucket(s) of water
V-Shaped or multi-functional ladder with platform or scaffold plate
Caravan Cleaning Pole
Long or extendable handled brush / mop
Sponge or sometimes clean mitt
Specialist caravan shampoo/cleaner
Caravan window cleaner
Caravan polish
Gentle brush
Microfibre drying dusters and cloth
White-colored spirit
Vacuum cleaner
Anti-bacterial spray
Air flow fresheners
Bicarbonate of soda Lots of elbow grease!

First we will begin with some DON’Ts!

Do not make use of a high pressure washers or maybe steam cleaner to cleanse the caravan of yours.

This could harm the seals and longer term you might result in harm, and end up getting a leaking caravan!

Do not use automobile or motorhome shampoo. These may be mildly abrasive and may just scratch the caravan of yours or maybe could have chemicals much more suited to an automobile or motorhome paintwork.

Work leading down

Clean the caravan of yours from the best to bottom, beginning on the top and working your way down.

Try using a professional cleaning product

You will find a selection of pleasure car cleaning products on the industry. Speak with your caravan dealership or maybe manufacturer to see what products they suggest for use on your specific make of caravan.

Wash down

First rinse the caravan of yours to soften some algae and loosen some dirt. Spraying with a garden hose pipe or even throwing buckets of water that is warm over will get the job done.

Tread carefully when washing the roof!

You are likely to need to utilize a step ladder to clean and polish your caravan’s roof but do take extra attention when there is soapy water about. It is most probably better to have somebody hold your step ladders or perhaps contact the experts in!

Establish the ladder’s platform or maybe scaffold plate at the proper level so that you are able to reach across the top. Applying a shampoo & sponge or even much handled soft brush completely wash the caravan by using horizontal strokes across the top and sides. Apply plenty of pressure to lift then, stains, algae, and dirt rinse.


Undo skylights and thoroughly clean under the edges with a two inch brush. Rinse and also squeegee off. For skylights which happen to have a double layer, you have to widen and make use of a very long bottle brush being between the levels. Or perhaps, in case you are ready to then you are able to dismantle the skylight and wash that way.

Awning rails as well as sides

Then clear the sides from the awning rails, cleaning these using a gentle brush, as the majority of the blue marks on your caravan originated from muck in the rail. Rub your way down with a gentle brush, and then shampoo and sponge each panel completely, then rinse.

Another reader suggestion was giving the rubber seals an excellent rub over with a damp cloth and then wipe dry. “Once dry apply a little silicone onto a duster and also go around the seals,” he said. “I see this keeps sticking throughout the season and does not pull seals off the frames.”
Dried out and polish

After you have completed washing the exterior you are able to decide to allow it to dry naturally or even have a drying cloth to speed up things up. A considerably large microfibre cloth is effective and is softer and cheaper than a chamois leather.

When your caravan is dry use a lot plus polish of elbow grease!

Thoroughly vacuum the floor coverings and upholstery. Use anti bacterial spray on the cooking area surfaces and also provide the windows a thoroughly clean with exactly the same specialist cleaner for the outside. Use microfibre cloths and polish to dust down shelves and scented drawer and air fresheners liners will simply help neutralise some annoying smells whilst your device is in storage or even layed set up for cold weather.