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Advantages of Connetix Magnetic Toys

If asked about my top toys for children I’m always drawn back to our magnetic tile collection every once. They remain the top choice for our three children aged between 1 to 3 and five years old. It’s rare to find toys that are engaging for all of our kids, so it’s not surprising to find that the magnetic tile rank on the top of our list of essential toys!

Today I’d like you to know why we are awed by magnetic tiles and why we believe them as our top toys for our young learners! I’ll also review PlayMags as well as Connetix to assist you in your decision-making process!

Why do magnetic tiles merit the cost?

Before we dive into the reviews, I’d like to discuss the reasons why magnetic tiles are an investment worth making.

As a parent, I’ve purchased the most recent and best toys, and even though they’re top-quality but they’ve not all been successful with our kids. If I am making a purchase right now, I’m extremely cautious when it comes to choosing. I want my toys to promote imaginative, independent play. I want them to be able to serve numerous uses for a variety of years of age and different stages of development. I would like they to be high-quality and last for a long time.

Magnetic tiles are open-ended , meaning there’s no correct or incorrect method to use them. The only limitation you have is the imagination! A toy that is open-ended allows children to play with their own ideas as they play. The object or resource can be anything that the child wishes! Three of our kids are enthralled by our magnetics and play with them in numerous ways.

In addition to encouraging plenty of play and creativity They also assist in building SO numerous skills like fine motor abilities hand-eye coordination in conjunction with cause and effect as well as problem-solving abilities. The best part? As our children play, they’re learning about early measurement concepts and concepts with games.

Toys such as this endure the test of time. Although they are an investment at first but they’re generally enjoyed for many years and can last longer than other toys. If that’s not enough to make a truly winning toys it’s hard to say what would be!

What are the best ways to make use of magnetic tiles?

We usually just put the magnetic tile in a huge basket for our children to play with however they like. They typically build large structures, towers and structures. Sometimes Elliot builds ramps that he can use for the Monster Trucks or tunnels for his cars to go through. Making them into a building basis for building is their preferred method of play.

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There’s also whiteboards in our living space and our kids love sticking the magnetic tiles to it in order to construct and design. We’ve also tried using it as a base for an emerald run, however ours was not very successful. We’ll have to do more practice!

Audrey is one years old and loves to stack the tiles that are square on top of one another. It’s a fantastic method to build the hand eye coordination and visual recognition and problem-solving skills. It’s fascinating to observe her look at tiles and determine which ones can be placed flawlessly on top of one the other. It’s her favorite method of playing on our magnetic tile!

Okay, I’m sold! Which brand is your top choice, Casey?

We’ve tested a variety of brands, and Connetix is the one we’ve tried. Connetix brand is definitely my preferred magnetic tiles! They have very robust magnets as well as stunning transparent frames. They’re also cheaper as compared to PlayMags brand!

We began with the PlayMags brand some time ago. We were so in love with them that they never really removed from our shelves of toy rotation. Every child has been enthralled by building structures using them throughout the years.

In the year 2000 in the year 2000, this year, the Australian company Connetix released the company’s own tiles made of magnetic. I was thrilled to receive a set to test out, and it was an instant love affair. I wondered if it could like PlayMags, but they are amazing. Connetix tiles are amazing.

The magnets of Connetix are sturdy and durable which allows kids to construct massive towers. We have a 100-pack of Connetix tiles as well as a 62-pack of PlayMags, and they’re compatible which means kids can mix and match the brands effortlessly.

The thing I love about Connetix tiles is that Connetix tiles is the fact that there’s no bracing visible. This makes them ideal for table games that are light and to reflect light onto the tiles! We usually include a basket of magnets to the table with lights and the kids simply enjoy creating using the light panels underneath!