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DJI RS 3 – Ready When You Are

In every aspect, DJI RS 3 delivers an effective and flexible shooting experience for solo artists and teams that are independent. It is sleek and light, and gives professional stability and efficient control to give you more creative freedom and unlimited possibilities. DJI RS 3 is ready to go when you need it.

Get Started Right Away

The World is All About Speed

Quick-Release Plates

With two quick-release plates that are dual-layered that allow you to mount a camera to RS 3 is fast and practical, and there is no need to adjust the gimbal when swapping out the camera or battery.

A new knob for fine-tuning in the tilt axis lets the camera to move forward or backwards using millimeter-grade precision, allowing for precise balance when switching lenses.

Automated Axis Locks

The DJI RS3 lets you get in and running immediately. When the gimbal’s power is off, hold and press the power button and the three axes are locked, and the gimbal expands automatically permitting you to work in a matter of moments. Hit the power button one time and the axes will automatically close and go into sleep mode, making transport and travel much more efficient. Simply press and hold on the power button until you will see it fold down and secure on its own.

Wireless Shutter Control

Through the use of Dual-Mode Bluetooth, RS 3 can be controlled wirelessly that saves time and energy each time you use it. After first Bluetooth connection, users are able to control photo and video shooting by hitting the recording button of the stabilizer. The cameras that were previously paired will automatically reconnect following the first time they are used which eliminates the need for an additional controller cable.

Professional Stabilization

Excellent Weight-to-Payload Ratio

With a weight of only 1.3 kg/2.8 pounds (including the battery grip, gimbal and plates that release quickly), RS 3 can be easily carried in one hand. In addition, its 3kg/6.6lb capacity for carrying loads is sufficient to accommodate cameras of all kinds like those like the Sony A7S3 or Canon R5 with the 24 to 70mm F2.8 lens.

3rd-Gen RS Stabilization Algorithm

With a new-generation RS stabilizer algorithm RS 3 gives you greater stability all situations.

Data from lab tests shows RS 3 provides a 20 percent increase in stability over RSC 2, effortlessly managing low-angle shots, running scenarios or changing between low and high angles.

Stabilization Testing Data Comparison

Beyond Smooth

If you want more smooth results, switch the SuperSmooth feature on. RS 3 will increase motor torque to enhance stabilization, and provide steady footage even in the most rapid-moving situations, or when 100mm equivalent focal lenses are being used.

All Within Reach

Control immediately

1.8″ OLED Touchscreen

As compared to the black and white display in RSC 2, RS 3 comes with an 1.8-inch OLED full-color touchscreen with the display being 80% bigger. It also supports the majority of Ronin applications, giving an intuitive and precise control with a redesigned user interface.

Instant Mode Switching

Simply by sliding the new Gimbal Mode switch, you can switch the Pan Follow, Pan Tilt track and FPV modes. The option to select FPV is adjustable in order to 3D Roll 360, Portrait or Custom that lets you alter your gear and begin using it fast.

Customizable Front Dial

The front dial rotates to allow the user to adjust zoom or the focus. It is also customizable to control shutter and aperture as well as ISO or gimbal motions which makes it extremely convenient to operate with just one hand.

Practical Powerhouse
Efficient Video Transmission
Monitoring via Smartphone

RS 3 supports the Ronin Image Transmitter (previously named Ronin RavenEye Image Transmitter). Ronin RavenEye image transmitter) to send 30fps at 1080p and 1080p HD streaming live streams directly to mobile device. The maximum distance for transmission is 200 meters , and the latency from end-to-end is at a minimum of 60 milliseconds. A smartphone can be connected via the NATO port on RS 3 with the phone holders for wireless monitoring.

Control and Monitoring Integrated

Adjust camera exposure remotely through the Ronin app, or manage the gimbal via the virtual joystick to enjoy an integrated control and monitoring experience.

Force Mobile

Utilizing Ronin’s Ronin Image Transmitter smartphones can be utilized as a motion controller to control remotely the RS 3 gimbal for more fluid and fluid camera actions.

Concentrate on Creation

A Battery Designed for Professionals

Quick-Release Design

The brand new RS 3 battery grip features the quick-release design, which makes it simpler to swap batteries, and is smaller in size storage capacity compared to RSC 2. It is also able to charge separately from the gimbal.

12-Hour Operating Time and Fast Charging

The new battery grip offers an extended runtime that can last up to 12 hours, long enough to allow all-day shooting. It is compatible with 18W PD rapid charging, with charging time of 2.5 hours. It is also possible to use it during it is charging, to ensure that RS 3 powered almost indefinitely.

Creativity Unleashed
Intelligent Functions

Diverse Additions
New Briefcase Handle

The new handle for the briefcase folds for storage convenience and features new ergonomic handles to facilitate it faster and easier to put in place and switch into Briefcase mode. The included cold shoe mount along with 1/4″-20 mounting holes are able to be connected to external monitors for shooting assistance and make shooting with low angles more comfortable.

All-New Focus Motor

The new generation DJI RS Focus Motor (2022) offers three times greater (up up to 1N*m) and noise levels are decreased by 50 percent. This gives a smoother focus experience and lessens the impact on audio recording. It also features the quick-release system, which allows it to be put together easily with no tools, allowing for quicker use.

Vertical Camera Mount

Set up the Vertical Camera Mount to attach the camera vertically to RS 3 while avoiding camera ports. This will allow for simple portrait photography from various angles to produce quality Social media-related content.

Flexible Handling
Multiple Operation Modes

Transportation and Storage

Prepared to Go

Automated Axis Locks
3kg (6.6lbs) Tested Payload
3rd-Gen RS Stabilization Algorithm

Bluetooth Shutter Button
1.8” OLED Touchscreen
12h Battery Maximum Life