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How to Play with a Grimm’s Rainbow

The Grimm’s Large Rainbow is one of the most loved as well as versatile wooden toys available. It was among the first toys we offered in Oskar’s Wooden Ark and it’s the source of inspiration for the rainbow that we use in our logo.

But what exactly is Grimm’s Rainbow? Do you think it is worth the price? What age range is Grimm’s Rainbow suitable for? What can I do to use it?

Grimms Spiel & Holtz Design is a well-known family-owned German manufacturer of toys. They’ve been producing, designing and selling toys made of wood since 1978, and they’re now sold in toy shops that are boutique across the globe. Grimm’s specializes in open ended Montessori along with Waldorf inspired toys that are made of sustainable wood. The Grimms rainbow is their most well-loved and recognized toy.

When people speak of the Grimms rainbow, they’re typically speaking of the 12 piece rainbow. However, Grimms also offer large rainbows in natural, pastel, monochrome and sunset , which is a smaller 10 piece inverted rainbow. All of the various kinds of rainbows are also available in medium, small and large sizes, so there’s a rainbow choice for all. The ideas for play I’ve listed in this article will all be suitable for the larger size rainbow and they can be executed in any color except for the ideas for colour sorting that aren’t compatible with a monochrome or natural rainbow.

Every Grimms Rainbow is hand carved out of lime wood and then stained using non-toxic water-based colors. Each arch is individually covered in the colour glazes, which leave rough and velvety when they are absorbed into the wood fibers. The rough, slightly scratchy surface is not ruined by applying a protective varnish this is what makes the Grimms Rainbows incredibly easy to stack. This also permits the natural grain marks of each piece of wood to remain as an individual characteristic. Each Grimms Rainbow truly is unique.

Because each rainbow is hand-crafted and takes time to make, the stock is frequently exhausted. The stores around the world receive new deliveries every couple of months, and they go out of stock because the demand is that. Luckily , there are several online stores selling Grimm’s rainbows.

Are the GRAMMY RAINBOW worth it?

The reason the question is that it is because the Grimms rainbow is an expense when compared with other toys. Are there any advantages to saving and spending more money for the Grimms rainbow over an Kmart version? Does it truly merit everything that is being talked about? 100% yes!

Contrary to what many believe Contrary to popular belief, it’s not as simple. Grimms Rainbow is a lot more than just a costly ornament to put on the shelves. The rainbow is one of the more open-ended toys that you can buy and at the end of this article, you’ll understand the reason. My kids continue to blow me with their creative ideas they come up with from the rainbow, and we adults have spent as long playing with it as well.

It’s the Grimms Rainbow isn’t just some arches of wood; it’s anything your child would like for it to become. It’s a building tool and a sorting tool, an stacking toy, and perfect for playing with imaginary characters. It can be used as a tunnel, a home or bridge, a wall, and many more elaborate animals and items Continue reading to find out what I mean. It is also played by placing it flat on the ground and vertically, or transformed into 3D objects.

Through playing and exploring the possibilities of the rainbow, children naturally learn and are growing a range of abilities. They’re exploring engineering and math concepts, and they’re figuring out how to arrange the pieces the correct order. Students are studying balance counterbalancing and weight as well as spatial awareness, height and sequencing. They’re categorizing the size and color of their surroundings and are constantly thinking outside beyond the boundaries.

Learning Opportunities Through A GIMMS RAINBOW

Problem finding solution
Color recognition
Spatial awareness
Eye/hand coordination
Enhances concentration
Sorting and categorizing
Balancing objects
Imagine a play


Play that is open ended is one in which the child can be an active participant and there is no correct or incorrect way to play, and with no set result. Play that is open ended means children can express themselves in whatever way they want and have the ability to think creatively using the toys they play with. For instance, when making using blocks or playing with a toy animal or using a cardboard box each time the game can look different based upon the imagination of the children.

It is a great toy for children of all ages. Grimms Rainbow is a perfect open-ended toy since it is possible for children to enjoy it, and the possibilities are limited only by the imagination of each child. Of course, there’s a standard method of stacking the colors so that they form the appearance of a rainbow, however it doesn’t mean that children need to stack it in that manner and it’s not the only method you can play. As you read the last paragraph of this article that there are plenty of other out from the ordinary ways you can enjoy the wooden rainbow.