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How to Shop for a Tent

When you’re brand new to camping, it is usually a small amount of a challenge to discover where to begin when looking for a tent. Camping has become a preferred hobby for individuals who wish to invest quality time with friends and family while experiencing the outdoors. It is able to offer a welcome rest from the stress of an opportunity and everyday life to reconnect with nature. On the opposite hand, it could be exhausting, wet, and cold (often the above). To stay away from several of the bad stuff, and also pull in more great stuff, you are able to have the best tent.

Much love looking for the best home, you will find a load of tent options, and also it is absolutely not really a one-size-fits-all type of thing. You need to be certain you are purchasing the proper tent for your requirements. A family automobile camper with 2 kids along with a dog could need an alternative tent compared to a solo backpacker, though the differences between the 2 kinds of tents are negligible.

Tents are split into 3 groups, and also with this concept in mind, we are able to think about them as follows :

Vehicle camping: Car camping happens when you drive up to your campsite, therefore you do not need to be concerned much about the weight and amount of your respective gear. The primary key things to watch out for below are ease, space, and comfort of setup.

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Backpacking/thru-hiking: Since you will be hiking with your stuff, weight is crucial with regards to backpacking. There’s a good line to be pulled between weight, performance and size. In case you want additional weight, the additional space and durability will be beneficial. For that reason, we will test the weight, though we will be also looking for good space and weight-to-performance ratio.

Space and longevity are likely to be an enormous factor in case you wish to support your loved ones in your tent, ” Reed said. Until you are loved ones backpacking (kudos to you), do not care excessive about body weight, and concentrate much more on space, longevity, and ventilation (four people along with a dog breathing in a tiny space through the night is able to get moist and also stuffy real fast when there is not sufficient airflow). For all those that will need additional comfort, Rosenbrien suggests a ” standing height shelter. “

These groups are going to follow some fundamental criteria, but how they’re used will inform you which features would be the most crucial. Each of the exact same, we consulted with an assortment of tent professionals, from tent designers to tent testers, to discover how much the greatest features are, and also how you can evaluate them. Because of their expert direction, we have established these criteria to utilize when examining tents for our very own product reviews; you will want to think about these characteristics in your personal tent buying journey. Here’s how you can go shopping for a tent.
Criteria for Tent-Evaluation

We test all tents by making use of them in the circumstances we test them in.

Ratio of body weight to room :

For backpackers, this specific measurement is particularly important. In case you’re backpacking someplace with a twenty – pound tent, you need to search for a lighter tent, and also use materials which have ripstop nylon additives, since the mass of the tent is much less than a pound.

Along the same lines, much more tent space typically leads to an cozy camping experience, for that reason often it is really worth taking on some weight for much more room.

In case you would like a light tent, you need to ensure it is no less than 3 feet above the floor, which is exactly where most people sit. If you’re planning on keeping in your tent for a couple of times or even more, and also you recognize you’ ll be standing up, then you might want to think about a thicker tent.

As part of our testing, we are going to measure the whole weight, the packed sizing, the floor area, the vestibule area (added room for the rainfly covers), the height as well as the complete amount of the room.


With appropriate use, a tent has to keep going a minimum of 4 or maybe 5 years. You want a strong material that is waterproof and possesses seams which are taped or maybe seam treated. Nylon or perhaps polyester fabrics can also be excellent options, and also Rosenbrien recommends lightweight aluminum poles.

In order to test durability, we will note the materials and spend a minimum of 2 nights camping in the area with the tent, preferably more. Regrettably, this will not absolutely measure long-term durability, though it will give a great idea for general durability.

Ease of Takedown and Setup

For seasoned campers in addition to newcomers, creating a tent which is simple to create and get down can make a huge impact, claims Deirdre Rosenberg, a wildlife photographer as well as Backpackers gear user.

To check this, we are going to set up the tent and determine just how long it requires to draw down and create the tent (that you must actually do prior to purchasing a tent). We’ ll estimate just how long it is going to take with one individual and 2 (or up to no matter how lots of people the tent is able to hold).


While camping, among the worst type of things which is possible is you waking up in the center of the night and discovering a puddle of water inside your tent. In case you intend on going camping in the rainfall, you must ensure the tent has some sort of rain cover, otherwise you may end up getting a leaky tent. Suppose you do not intend on camping in a damp spot, though it is going to happen. When you’ve good waterproofing, you are able to appreciate your camping trip even in case it can rain.

To guarantee the tent is water-resistant, we suggest that you spend no less than one evening in the tent when it’s raining, but this’s not necessarily achievable. An additional test that we are able to do would be to hose down the pitched tent with modest water pressure for a minimum of fifteen seconds to see in case any water gets in.