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Natural Firelighter Cubes or Wood Wool Firelighters?

There’s plenty of things on the natural eco firelighter industry today. The primary 2 choices are firelighter cubes and wood wool firelighters. We’d love having a better look at these 2 eco-friendly products and compare the way they impact the planet.
What exactly are Eco Firelighter Cubes made of?

Firelighter cubes are produced from compressed sawdust and vegetable oil. That is it, only 2 ingredients, no additives! The sawdust is a bi product of wood manufacturing, including production of building firewood, furniture, pallets, and timber. Hence, rather than being discarded, the sawdust is transformed into something helpful and good for both the wood manufacturer as well as the end consumer.

No palm or paraffin oil is utilized in firelighter production, consequently they’re not toxic, and consequently it’s safe to keep the cubes beside the meal of yours. Furthermore, the usage of vegetable oil means that whenever the firelighters are lit they don’t give off the terrible petrol smell unlike the standard petroleum based firelighters. And this also permits them to be perfect for cooking the meals.
What exactly are Wood Wool Firelighters made of?

Wood wool is a natural firelighter and are produced out of exactly the same items as the cube firelighters, though the manufacturing procedure is somewhat different. Wood wool is a gentle, bio-degradable void fill made out of shredded timber.

Many individuals have most likely noticed wood wool possibly in a hamper at Christmas or even in a grocery store packed in a cheese & wine set. When employed in packaging it’s certainly hundred % better than using polythene, plastic items and polystyrene. Nevertheless, wood wool firelighters are produced from compacted information, meaning there’s a significantly higher level of raw material necessary to create those firelighters. Wood wool originates from shredding trees, which main objective is to not be utilized as a slice of furniture or even creating material, but a fire lighting aid.
Which it is way better?

Likewise, both firelighters are produced from products that are organic and therefore are biodegradable. They’re CO2 neutral and therefore are safe to ignite, because they do not break out.

Burn up from eight to twenty mins and don’t dry out and drop the firepower of theirs, even after box opening. There’s simply no unpleasant smell and they’re not oily and greasy.

There aren’t any petroleum products applied to the generation of both firelighters. No kerosene, paraffin wax, absolutely no formaldehyde neither additional chemicals that makes them non harmful if in touch with vegetation, aquatic organisms and plant life.

Finally, if we’re talking about price, next they’re similar.

Thus, what type to choose? You are able to weigh up all of the advantages and disadvantages and judge for yourself depending on the personal preferences of yours.