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Reasons Scented Wax Melts Are Better than Scented Candles

Melting Time

Do you realize the kind of the amounts, fragrance oil, and wax utilized, can all influence the melting time period of scented candles and wax melts? Indeed, both candles and wax melts are utilized for various functions and their typical melting some time is affected by these elements. Wax melts have a far more extreme aroma as they warm up very slowly. Too while you don’t immediately burn wax melts, the fragrance oils of theirs aren’t eliminated while releasing the aroma of theirs.

Scented candles on the flip side release the aroma immediately. Scented candles also burn the fragrance oils as they’re exclusively lit by flame.

For instance our very popular soy wax melt pots are typically worn in sections and every segment will scent the home of yours for several hours.


Wax melts do not cost almost as candles. You not merely obtain a more burning time, wax melts are more affordable providing you with another reason to select them. You will get 5 times more burning time with scented wax melts when compared with scented candles.

Scented wax melts are definitely more cost effective

Let us do an easy maths: A scented candle costs anywhere between £10.00 – £20.00, with also the costlier models being above £50.00. On another hand, our soy wax melts start from only a small amount as £2.99 – £4.99 for soy wax Clamshells. On average scented wax melts are aproximatelly 6 times much more inexpensive than scented candles.

No Toxins or Chemicals that are Harmful Released

Soy Wax is green and also burns clean unlike the paraffin wax utilized in candles that are scented

Scented Candles emit pollutants along with harmful toxins which are bad for the well being of yours and causes allergies. They could also exhastabate asthma and a number of by-products are connected to cancer. Do you understand Benzene and Toluene are among these by-products produced by scented candles? Paraffin will be the primary component for candle wax and it’s produced from Petroleum, that when lit releases carcinogens into the house of yours.


Scented wax melts may be used wherever scented candle is used used. Additionally unlike candles, wax melts may be melted making use of a tea light source or maybe an electric powered wax melter, that permits them to be really handy. Wax melts are available in all the sizes and shapes, you don’t need to work with your whole wax melt clamshell in one go. You are able to click off the necessary length of wax melt and only use that portion to scent you home.

Aroma Intensity Control

Everyone really loves beautiful scents and also it’s just reasonable that wax melts come scented. We don’t compromise on our soy wax melt scents. We wear among the largest scent to wax ratio. Scented wax melts provide you with influence over the fragrances, you are able to split the melts into smaller sized bits to manage the intensity of the fragrance.