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Reasons To Use Gift Cards

Most retailers provide consumers with gift cards to allow customers to shop or gift money to friends as well as in the brick-and-mortar versions. There are two kinds of gift cards: physical or digital (e-gift cards)–and both come with various benefits and features. If you’re thinking of buying gift cards for your loved ones in the Christmas season or you’re looking to purchase the cards for yourself, it’s helpful to comprehend how they differ from other payment options.

Important Takeaways

Gift cards are an easy and effective alternative to cash when you want to purchase something or to present a gift to someone who is not your own.
The physical gift cards can be purchased in shops or online, whereas the digital ones are made to be utilized online or via the phone.
Mobile wallets can also be loaded with digital gift cards in order to make purchases much easier and safer.
It’s essential to look over physical and electronic gift credit cards to determine expiration dates as well as fees when you plan to transfer money onto the card.

How Gift Cards work

Gift cards are a type of payment that is used to buy items at restaurant, gas stations as well as other places. The money is loaded onto the card, and you or the person who received the gift card can use at any of the designated locations.

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Gift cards are open-loop or closed-loop. A gift card that is open loop can be used wherever that can be used by any brand of card that is accepted. For instance, if own a gift card stamped by Visa’s Visa brand, you may use it to purchase items wherever Visa will be accepted.

A closed loop card however is only able to be used for specific retailers. For example, if you buy a gift card from Starbucks or Amazon and you, or the person who received the gift card will be able to make purchases only at the store that issued the card.

Certain gift cards that are prepaid require a cost to purchase them. There is also additional fees to add the gift card with money when you intend to use the card.

Physical and digital. Electronic Gift Cards

The gift card can be physical, meaning cards made of plastic, or digital. Digital gift cards don’t have a physical form, instead, you’re given an individual gift code which you can redeem online at retailers for purchases. Physical gift cards are still the most sought-after type of gift cards however it is expected that this will be changing in the near future.

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Target let customers purchase physical cards and to load digital or online accounts. Restaurant chains with major chains like Starbucks, Chipotle, and Chili’s provide customers with physical and digital gift cards. These cards allow that customers can pay meals and drinks using an app or in-store card reader, to speed up the payment process.

You can also store the codes to digital gift card in an app for mobile wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay as well as PayPal’s Venmo. Once you’re ready to checkout then, you can pick your gift card’s digital version as the preferred payment method.

Federal law prohibits gift cards from expiring as long as five years from the date of activation, however not using the gift card may result in an inactivity cost.

The pros and cons of gift cards

Gift cards offer numerous benefits. For instance:

They’re a great alternative payment method in the event that you prefer not to pay in cash or using credit cards.
Gift cards are an ideal gift for holiday season or for any other event.
You can make use of gift cards to manage the amount you spend (helpful in avoiding overdrafts in banks).
They are easy and efficient to make use of.

For gift giving Gift cards may be the best option if you’ve no idea of what you can give to someone you’re considering gifting to because they permit the gift recipient to purchase what they’d like at any time and whenever they’d like to. Be aware that when you select closed loop gift cards over open loop cards, it will limit the options of the person receiving the gift the places they can use the cards.

If you’re thinking of giving gift cards to aid children to master the art of money management, you might consider researching the prepaid debit cards available for teenagers. They function similarly, but typically, they are open loop.

The cons of gift cards

Gift cards also come with certain disadvantages. Below are 5 of them.

When purchases are made using the gift card There may be some money remaining, and if it isn’t used, whether because of inertia or forgetfulness, will end as a waste of money.
You can pay purchase fees or fee for reload to add funds.
Closed-loop cards limit purchase power.
The loss of a gift card or even having it stolen could be stressful, particularly when you’ve failed to sign it up or save the number of your gift card.
You may be assessed an inactivity fee if you don’t make use of your credit card.

Prepaid Credit Cards in contrast to. Gift Cards

In you are weighing the advantages and disadvantages for gift card purchases, you need to be aware of the distinction between them and prepaid credit or debit cards. Both are able to purchase items in shops or on the internet, however when you buy gift cards to gift to others, a prepaid credit card is something that you may use to pay for regular spending in the event that you do not have a bank account or prefer not to use cash or the regular credit card.

There are a variety of cards offered by credit card companies with prepaid options that allow customers to purchase cards and refill the cards at retail stores. For instance PayPal Prepaid MasterCard PayPal Prepaid MasterCard allows users to effortlessly transfer money to the PayPal account and an actual card that can be used at any location where MasterCard accepts.


Think about a secured credit line If you do not have credit or have poor credit. They typically require a modest cash deposit however, they could serve as a way to start building credit history.

Prepaid debit cards, credit cards and gift cards that can be reloaded generally have more value than gift cards, however regular credit cards may offer certain advantages in earning rewards on purchases , or using particular features that are specific to cards, like reward bonuses or travel incentives.

Another thing to be aware of when considering whether to use credit cards that are prepaid or gift cards to purchase items is the impact they have on the credit rating. These kinds of accounts aren’t loans since they don’t require borrowing funds which is why they don’t be listed when you check your credit score. They don’t contribute to building your credit score. If you’re seeking a method to improve or establish your credit score, a regular credit card can help achieve that. By paying on time each month while keeping your balances in check as well as keeping old credit card accounts in good standing, and restricting the frequency at which you make applications for credit will help increase your credit score in the course of time.