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Reasons Your Dog Needs A Life Jacket

When it is some time for an adventure, you understand the best friend of yours would like to come along for the drive. But dog swimming safety involves specific tools, the same as a doggy seat belt in the automobile. When taking the dog of yours for one day by the lake, ensure they are sound and safe. A dog life jacket is able to make sure you and the furry friend of yours have a worry free great period by the shore.

Whether boating, at the shore, in a kayak at the lake, or even hanging by the swimming pool, your dog is apt showing off in case they are a swimmer. Along with a rejuvenating splash, it is a possibility for you 2 to really enjoy a little quality outdoor time together.

Create swimming a secure event each time by packing a dog life vest to guarantee dog swimming safety. Unsure in case the dog of yours truly must have a life jacket? Continue reading for ten reasons it is a crucial flotation application that is in both you and your pooch’s very best interest.

  1. Some dogs simply are not built to swim

You might think that most dogs are natural born swimmers – we have all learned of the doggy paddle, right? Though the simple truth is that several dogs have difficulty staying afloat, therefore they require a bit of flotation assistance. Whether or perhaps not a particular dog is able to swim truly boils down to how buoyant their systems are.

Breeds as Greyhounds have very low body fat, therefore they are not really buoyant, or vulnerable to float. Some other breeds as Bulldogs & Pugs have extra large, girth y chests which create them top heavy in the bath. Furthermore, very small breeds as Yorkshire Terriers or maybe Shih Tzus usually begin as good swimmers, but get tired very easily.

Type in the doggie flotation device! Outward Hound’s dog life jackets help possibly even the wimpiest of simmers stay safe and sound in the bath.

  1. Even the very best dog swimmers get tired

A few breeds of dog are much more suitable for the water, such as the Portuguese Water Dog with their webbed feet, or maybe the Labrador Retriever, that had been bred to become a strong swimmer.

But let us face it, nearly all dogs simply do not know when to take a rest. Actually the very best dog swimmers can certainly tire very easily in warm water and fast encounter problems in case they are not using a dog life jacket.

If your dog is a powerful swimmer, the Standley Sport Experienced Swimmer Life Jacket is simply the ticket. Its open design with straps that are adjustable is ideal for a broad range of motion and top floatation assisted performance in the bath. Additionally, it carries a D-ring for clipping on a leash attachment as well as an adaptable chest strap to support many girth sizes.

  1. Accidents happen

We provided a story on the blog site which can serve as a crucial reminder to always be made in the bath. Tyler had a seizure while swimming, but was saved from disaster since she was using a dog life jacket.

Emergencies and accidents are able to occur at all time, and they’re particularly harmful when heavy water is required. Fortunately, a high quality life jacket like the Outward Hound Granby dog life jacket, which has neck closure fastenings for a safe fit, can keep your dog’s head afloat.

Whether the pup of yours is kicking it shoreside or perhaps have their paws aboard a boat, a dependable life preserver will defend your pup even when probably the worst happens.

  1. There might be unseen dangers in the water

Although it might sound safe for your dog going swimming, there might be unseen dangers in the bath. While swimming pools are fairly safe and sound, lakes might contain underwater debris as vegetation and tree branches that the dog of yours is able to get swept up in. Plus, swimming against the present in a stream or maybe river can easily lead to exhaustion. If your dog is swimming in the ocean, good currents are able to result in him being pressed out to sea.

In each one of these scenarios, a life jacket is able to maintain your dog’s head above water and also possibly save the life of theirs.

  1. Life jackets maintain your dog warm

Even dogs with heavy coats are able to suffer hypothermia in water that is cool. Based on DVMs Malcolm Weir and Lynn Buzhardt of VCA Hospitals, a dog’s regular body temperature is hundred one to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (38.3 to 39.2 degrees Celsius). If the body temperature of theirs falls below ninety nine degrees Fahrenheit (37.2 degrees Celsius), bodily functions can be impaired and hypothermia is able to set in.

The Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket is a good floatation option for always keeping your dog safe and warm on cold swims. It possesses a neoprene belly band and foam panels that provide optimum buoyancy while naturally insulating the dog of yours.

  1. Spot the dog of yours in the water much more easily

While several dogs are “velcro dogs” people who remain by the side of yours at all the times, others love to go out on their own. This means that you may lose track of them while wading in the bath.

Several canines have a low profile when they are swimming, it is not hard to forget the pooch of yours in the bath. But not in case they are using a colorful life jacket with reflective strips! (Psst: We have just released new colors!)

There is an extremely good reason dog life jackets are available in colors that are vibrant; they enable you to find your dog fast, even from a distance. When there is a crash as well as your dog slips into the bath or even will get swept away by powerful currents, you will be happy he is using a float coat with reflective trim which means you are able to notice him very easily.

  1. Life jackets have convenient handles

Dog life vests come furnished with a grab handle on top which really makes it easier to haul the dog of yours to security as shown . This doggie personal flotation device (PFD) characteristic is excellent for helping the dog of yours when swimming and may be a genuine lifesaver in case he gets into trouble.

If you are on a boat as well as your dog slips overboard, grab the handle as well as keep him near the boat until you are in a position to raise him to safety.

  1. Swimming lessons are much easier with a dog living vest

A life jacket is able to increase the confidence of dogs that are brand new to swimming and support them have much more fun in the bath. Dog life jackets like the Granby are excellent floatation resources for teaching the dog of yours to swim.

Dogs typically only use their front legs to swim when they’re uncertain in the water, causing them to tire out quickly. Life jackets keep dogs buoyant on the surface area of the water and promote the usage of all the 4 legs when swimming.

  1. Peace of mind

One day out on the water must be fun for the entire family, though it is hard to kick back again and relax if you are concerned about your dog’s security!

Working with a life jacket on the dog of yours is going to give you peace of mind that he will remain afloat, even in case he does get into problems while swimming. It is a fantastic feeling knowing the furry loved one of yours is good to enjoy himself within the bath.

  1. Dogs look quite adorable in life jackets

Fashion meets performance. There is only no questioning it: dog life jackets would be the final fashion statement. And a dog using a life jacket is natural, wholesome cuteness the earth wants.

Featuring ripstop fabric, high visibility colors, reflective accents, adjustable quick release buckles, along with dual grab handles, dog life jackets are supposed to maintain your pup secure in the bath – and also appear adorable to boot!