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The Art of Stacking Bracelets

Bracelet stacking has existed for hundreds of years, though it has never lost the popularity of its. Stacked necklaces are a good way to showcase the character of yours and include instant style to any outfit. Whether you are the person type who wants the accessories of theirs dainty or bold – you’ll find stacks that fit every preference!

Continue reading for many very helpful techniques to perfect your arm party…

  1. Go SLOW

If you are seeking to put in a bit more to the outfit of yours, try stacking a handful of bracelets. Just before you dive right in, keep a few of things under consideration. Start slow and ensure the design is cohesive. If it is not, have a take a step back and start over.

  1. Think about THE ORDER

Styling bracelets involves a lot more than just sliding on a lot of layered bracelet styles which look good together. The purchase of stacked bracelets has a big effect on the complete appearance. Play around with your bangles and bracelets because choosing the order demands a small amount of experimentation. One method to ascertain the stacking order is laying out the bracelets of yours on your table or dresser. Carry out the necklaces look side that is good by side? If it wasn’t, walk them around to test various arrangements.

A great rule is spacing out bracelet sizes and styles, especially larger pieces. Usually, placing two substantial bracelets next to one another looks unbalanced and clunky. Should you decide 2 fuller bracelets covering your stack, put a couple finer bracelets between them to produce better harmony and fascinating contrast.

Another factor is the kind of bracelets you are wearing as well as the chance that they are going to intertwine and therefore get tangled. 2 delicate chains next to each other might not work nicely. Different bracelets are rapidly knotted to various other items, so that your particular stack doesn’t become one huge mess.

  1. Select a COLOR SCHEME

One stacking technique is wearing numerous bracelets which are all within exactly the same color family. Even in case the stackable bracelets of yours are types that are various , the similarity of the colors of theirs will visually connect them. First of all, you can don beaded necklaces in all of shades of reds and oranges or maybe greens and blues for the supreme decorative arm party.


A good way to liven up a stack of bracelets is mixing metals. Try pairing silver and gold, or perhaps try mixing matte and high-polished finishes for a fascinating contrast. Mixing metal colors is a terrific way to enjoy color in addition to texture without adding way too many pieces simultaneously.


Try wearing necklaces with a unifying neutral tone, then use one contrasting bracelet in a trendy and bold color as the accent piece. This can create an eye-catching and dynamic very look while still being stylish and refined. For instance, you can don a pair of heavy gold bangles as a starting and then add 2 unexpected friendship necklaces in brilliant yellow or even attractive blue as accent colors.


Do not worry if the stacks of yours are not completely evenly distributed! Simply keep your bangles and bracelets as even as you possibly can so your look’s balanced and does not seem disorganized.

  1. ODD NUMBERS Actually are BEST

In terms of the quantity of bracelets you need to put in your stack, there’s no magic number. Generally, we recommend sticking to an odd number of bracelets. We like an asymmetrical look with a number of bracelets on a single arm as well as the remaining stack of bracelets on the other person.


The key element is usually to layer necklaces in the purchase of the weight of theirs (heaviest on bottom).


You can additionally decide to stack bracelets by shape rather than size. Choose few different shapes and blend them collectively rather than matching them with one another. This can create an intriguing effect as the distinctions between every piece is amplified and also creates a genuine “pop” when used at the wrist!

  1. Think about THE OUTFIT

When selecting the way to stack bracelets, it is better to begin by considering everything you intend on wearing it with. This can enable you to decide which bracelet styles are right for the ensemble of yours. When you would like to use them primarily with business-casual or casual outfits, it may be ideal if the styling is pretty simple so they do not clash with the outfit of yours. The kind of stacks you choose must also rely on the color pattern of the outfit of yours; if, for instance, your outfit is largely made from darker colors, lighter bracelets will enhance it much better.


Stacking bracelets is simple way and an enjoyable to add just a little spice to the wardrobe of yours. They are available in styles that are various , styles & textures which will help you amp up an outfit in moments that are mere. Whether, you select a daring bracelet such as a chunky cuff bracelet or even choose a dainty style, the layering possibilities are limitless.