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The Best One Person Tent For Backpacking In 2022

What to know before buying a 1 person tent… Did you google “best one individual tent for backpacking,” or perhaps, “best one individual tent under $ 200?”

You may be looking for a light tent for brief bivvies or backpacking.

Our choice isn’t among the tents you get in the top ten lists including the fundamental Agnes or maybe the MSR Hubba Hubba.

Both of these tents are fantastic, though the cost doesn’t justify the increased performance.

Check out our list of suggested internet merchants for backpacking tents, after which you are able to make your purchase without having a hitch.
The ideal One Person Tent

In case you’re searching for a single individual tent, the North Face Stormbreak one is likely the best one we’ve seen.

The Storm Break is a good performer, with a few attractive characteristics :

Completely freestanding
Body and polyester rain fly for superior water resistance light (two lb 4.6oz/1.04 kg fastpack, three lb 1.4oz/1.4 kg trail mass)
Inexpensive at just $ 129

Me personally, I would once work a job exactly where we will need to carry seventy lb packs for days to ensure every ounce counted. These tents endured season after season, and we’d them to have a beating.

In order to save weight, on extended rotations, I will set up one tent with my coworker. Though it was a little snug (super snug), we slept foot-to-face without an issue.

I remained in these tents in an exposed alpine meadow during a super – fueled downpour with 3 individuals huddled together (one individual was halfway into the vestibule) and then came out just great.
Backpacking: The very best One individual Tent

The Stormbreak tent isn’t most advanced one person tent available nowadays, though it provides all you need for a sensible price.

The Triarch one is essentially a slightly burlier variation of the very same tent, in case you’d like Stormbreak on steroids.

The price tag is a little bigger, in the $ 328 range, though it has the waterproof impact tarp, is lighter, and it is sturdier and roomier far in inclement weather conditions.

The one downside would be that the rainfly is made from nylon, not polyester.
One Person Tent North Face Triarchy

In case you make use of these tents and a great sleeping pad as well as bag, you ought to be in a position to get through 3 seasons.

You are going to need a significantly more tough tent, for once the climate is very cold.

The renowned North Face Mountain twenty five Tent is our suggestion.
Purchasing a one Person Tent – Things To Consider

When contemplating purchasing a single – individual tent, you’ ll discover that there are plenty of factors to take into account, although it’s a quite simple piece of gear.

When thinking about selecting a tent you are going to find the choice between non freestanding and freestanding is among the primary considerations.

This’s the more prevalent option for single – individual tents, as non – freestanding tents or maybe tarps are often meant for ultra – light traveling.

Next there’s the problem of double – walled tents compared to individual – walled tents.

These 2 factors are going to be the emphasis of this article. In case you would like to learn how to choose the best backpacking tent, you have to read through this article.
Whether Or perhaps Not Freestanding

As for tents, the word freestanding” is more or less a misnomer.

Freestanding means which the tent will stand up completely by itself once the poles are adequately placed.

Nevertheless, higher – performance tents have to be staked out correctly to provide optimum performance in windy or wet conditions.

Any structure which takes a rain fly (two-fold – wall structure tents) or maybe vestibule have to be staked out to be able to work.

The North Face Stormbreak tent is a totally free standing tent.

The Hyperlite UltaMid or perhaps Tarpent is a good example of a non – totally free standing tent. In order to keep these tents from falling apart, they should be staked by fellow lines.

Both non freestanding tents and also freestanding tents have their disadvantages and advantages.
Tents which are freestanding

In case you’ve a freestanding tent, you are able to simply place it down, include your sleeping bag plus backrest in it, and take pleasure in the weather condition.

A tent requires poles to be freestanding. Thus freestanding tents are weightier than non – freestanding tents.

In case the wind picks up or maybe bad weather is on the manner in which, you’re likely to have to stake it out. Just in case you do not know, these’re guy lines and what we really mean by’ staked-out’.

Free-standing tents are simple to set up by one individual and in most cases it does not take very much time.

The guy lines are exactly where the tents push their strength from. A freestanding tent may be set up without them, but with the lines linked off right it is going to be stronger and weather resistant.

The tent will continue to work, even in case you shed or even damage your guy lines along with stakes. In a huge storm it may not hold up also though you’ll still need a shelter.
Free Standing Tents: The Advantages

Quick and easy to create up
Do not need to carry additional pieces if expecting moderate weather
Still function with no being staked-out or guy lines.

Disadvantages and advantages of Free Standing Tents

It’s less strength compared to a completely staked tent.
Generally heavier as a result of the necessity of tent poles.

Tents which are non-freestanding

In case you’ve a non – freestanding tent, it should be supported by cords or maybe guy lines along with stakes.

Tents which are non – freestanding could make use of a single pole or even, much more frequently, require the use of trekking poles as reinforcement.

A non – freestanding tent can be quite powerful in heavy weather, when it’s put together and also tied off.

Nevertheless, you may not have sufficient trees or rocks to connect your lines off in case you’re in an arid region, or even in an open region.

These tents could become susceptible to the elements in case they’re not staked out and tied down.
Non-Freestanding Tents: Advantages

Easy packing and fast remove.

Disadvantages and advantages of Non – Freestanding Tents

Setup is troublesome.
It’s difficult to set up by itself.
Require staking and also tying off of multiple lines

Double-Wall or single-wall

Lots of ultra – mild tents have individual walls. For non-freestanding tents, this’s particularly true.

Essentially an individual wall tent doesn’t have a rainfly or an additional layer you put over the primary structure.

2 walls or layers provide much better safety within the tent, plus additionally they assist with heat retention, rendering it unlikely that moisture will drip during a storm.

In case you have a double – walled tent just like the North Face Stormbreak, you are able to make the rainfall fly off (the exterior layer or maybe structure), decreasing stopping moisture plus setup time buildup.

This generates an optional tarp you are able to utilize for whatever you’d like. Work with it to be a beach towel or even tarp over the cook region or maybe a beach towel around the creek.

Getting a double – walled tent is going to give you should weather protection and freedom.

You are going to need to determine whether you would like a tent which is single walled or even double walled and if it’s freestanding or perhaps non – freestanding when you’re looking for the best one person tent.

Freestanding tents are simpler to get compared to tents, and do not need that much focus on laying guy lines.

An individual – walled tent is normally much less flexible and also comfortable compared to a double – walled tent.