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The Different Mr Maria Smiley Lamps

Created and manufactured from The Netherlands by the team at Mr. Maria.

It’s not easy to wake in the morning on the wrong side bed when you have our Mr Maria smiley lamp waiting to welcome you. Mr Maria is a source of brightness and a smile to your home with the officially licensed Smiley(r) lamp.

The Smiley XL lamp comes with an User Kit comprising the USB and Mains adapter (UK and Euro) and an power cable that has a the ability to dim the light with a touch. There are six brightness levels with a night mode option to provide your space with the warm glowing. Smiley has an LED module controlled by remote. It has dim, wake up, and Sleep features.

The Smiley lamp with its distinctive bright yellow color sparkles with beautiful light and can be used as a striking piece. Smiley’s face is tilted up and he is able to smile to the entire room as it is placed upon the ground.

Smiley(r) The First Smiley(r)
Smiley(r) was invented in the 1970s by Franklin Loufrani. It was a way to highlight positive news stories in newspaper. It’s become a universal symbol for positive energy since. Smiley(r) can bring people together by expressing positivity and an emotionally more intelligent world.

“Smiley can be more than just an iconic brand, image or life style; it’s a mindset and a way of life that helps people remember the power of a smile and how much a single smile can impact your life as well as the lives of the people around you. A true symbol of positive energy that is as happy as you can get.”

The most happy lamp ever ….

Made & Designed in The Netherlands
– Character: Smiley
Color Yellow
The size is (H) 40x (W) 45x (D) 45cm
– Weight: 3KG
Material is Polyethylene
Dimmer Steps
– USB or Mains-Powered: USB to Mains Power (Euro and UK) The adapters are included (Please not that many stores offer these UK adapters on their own)
– Lamp Dimmable LED 10W
– Lumens: 270 (max)

Mr. Maria Smiley Lamp the STAR LIGHT

The new and improved ‘Star Light’ Smiley Lamp is designed and manufactured by hand in The Netherlands by our friends at Mr. Maria.

The most joyful roommate you could be! This bright globe measures 25cm and has a warm glow and can be set wherever you’d would like. Smiley can be placed by the bed, or displayed in your living space or as a smiling friend to be a part of your workplace.

Our mid-sized Smiley Star Light lamp includes the User Kit comprising the USB or UK Mains adapter plug, and a power cable, which has an adjustable dimmer that can be operated by a single touch. There are six steps for the brightness settings, and an option for night mode to create an inviting glow that you can keep all night.

The Smiley lamp, with its easily identifiable bright yellow shade sparkles with beautiful light and brightens any space as a striking piece. Smiley’s face is tilted up and he is able to smile to the entire room when it is placed on the floor or table.

Made & Designed in The Netherlands
Character: Smiley
Colour Yellow
The size is (H) 22x (W) 25x (D) 25cm
– Weight: 1.1KG
Material is Polyethylene
Dimmer Stepless
USB or Mains-Powered

Bundle Of Light – SMILEY

Small, cheerful and bright!

The Smiley family is now complete… because we present to you the latest “Bundle of Light” Smiley Lamp made in the Netherlands. developed and produced by hand in The Netherlands by our friends at Mr. Maria.

Bring a little joy onto your sideboard or desk at the office or at home by using Mr. Maria’s Smiley Bundle of Light. It features a LED light and beautifully made of Soft silicone that is BPA free, you’ll get 15 minutes of illumination for a while to bring some extra joy to your daily routine.

The Smiley Bundle of Light lamp is powered by a cell battery that can provide the user with 30 hour (120 cycle) of battery life. Additionally, it is able to be replaced which means that nothing will stop you from adding a smile to your daily life. It shuts off within 15 minutes usage making it the perfect (and the most happy) light for your night.

Made & Designed in The Netherlands
– Character: Smile
Color Yellow
Dimensions: (H) 12x (W) 12x (D) 12cm
Materials: BPA Free Soft Silicone
Led lamp is powered with cell batteries
– The system shuts off after 15 minutes
1 Brightness Setting
– – Includes CR2032 Cell Battery
Battery can charge the LED for 30 hours