Types of Cake Boards and Boxes

Professional and household bakers need cake boards and boxes. They preserve cakes during shipping and improve their appearance. This page discusses cake boards and boxes, their purposes, and the numerous varieties available.

Cake boards and boxes?

Cake boards and boxes carry and display cakes. Cardboard, foam, and plastic make them. Flat, strong cake boards support cakes. They vary by cake size. Cake boxes preserve cakes during shipment. They vary by cake size.

Cake boards/boxes

Carrying cakes

Transporting cakes requires cake boards and cartons. They safeguard the cake during shipment.

  1. Cakes

Cake boards and boxes exhibit cakes. They make cake presentation simple by stabilising it. They also make the cake seem more professional and inviting.

Cake boards/boxes

Cardboard cake boxes and boards

Most cake boards and boxes are cardboard. They are robust cardboard and vary in size and form. Bakers like them since they’re cheap, simple, and disposable.

  1. Foam cakeboards and boxes

Foam cake boards and boxes are also popular. Polystyrene foam cake boards and boxes are stronger than cardboard. Although more expensive, they may be reused, making them a cost-effective solution.

  1. Plastic cake boards and boxes

Plastic cake boards and cartons are the strongest. High-quality plastic makes them reusable. They cost more than cardboard and foam cake boards and boxes but preserve cakes better.

Selecting cake boards and boxes

Cake boards and boxes depend on the cake’s size, shape, transit distance, and presentation.

  1. Dimensions

Cake board and box sizes depend on cake size and form. To support and preserve the cake, make the board and box somewhat larger.

Transport distance

To avoid breakage, use a strong cake board and box for long-distance delivery.

  1. Show

Cake presentation depends on the cake board and packaging. Choose a cake board and box that match the cake.

Cake boards and boxes: tips

  1. Choose a suitable cake board and box.
  2. Support the cake with a little bigger cake board.
  3. Use a strong, long-distance cake box.
  4. Avoid cake damage by handling the cake board and box carefully.


Bakers need cake boards and packaging. They preserve cakes during shipping and improve their appearance. Consider the cake’s size, shape, distance, and presentation while picking cake boards and boxes. With the correct cake board and box, your cakes will arrive in pristine condition and appear professional.