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Ways To Use Glitter And Increase Learning

These are five of my very favorites glittery activities to increase the motivation of children and their learning with autism.

I love everything about Fall, and I believe there are learning experiences all around. You can integrate any and all things in your child’s program with just a touch of imagination and some specialized assistance!

An educational and fun family event for children and families

Go on an unforgettable walk through the Fall. Take acorns and collect them while you’re walking. Take them home and embellish your acorns using glitter for crafts.

Color matching and sorting

You can work on color by using two or three different colors to do this. Make sure that you have at least two Acorns painted with in the same hue and let your child compare them, sort them according to color, etc.

Let your child play pretend game

Make use of your acorns that you’ve painted to play pretend with your child! Feed a stuffed squirrel , and place acorns on the child’s kitchen counter for pretend play.

Build fine motor skills

Encourage your child to collect Acorns with tweezers in various sizes and shapes that require various levels of hand strength and accuracy.

You can even make these fun and colorful glitter acorns to play Your Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game!

Halloween is coming up and we’re obsessed with all things pumpkins in my learning home at the moment!

Playdough pumpkin pie? YES!

Pumpkin lattes? YES!

Pumpkin carving? YES!

So, why not try making glitter pumpkins? This is a great and glittery way to mark Halloween, Fall and October. I would highly suggest you add this on your to-do list for activities at home to enjoy this wonderful month of October.

Encourage your child to adhere to the steps

Make the pumpkin.
Apply glue.
Cover a spoon with glitter.

Build fine motor skills

Holding the spoon, scooping up glitter, then dropping it on the pumpkin… These actions are all requiring fine motor skills and accuracy. Helping your child perform the routine will help them develop these vital abilities. It is possible that you will require decorating up to 4 or 3 pumpkins, which is fantastic because you really can’t get enough Halloween decorations. Are you sure? !

Learn to teach your child how to create and appreciate an area that is special to them.

All children need their own space that they can have their own and learn to love and respect it. This applies to children with special needs or children who are non-verbal, as well as multiple children sharing the same house. Every person deserves their own special place of worship even if it is just a tiny reading spot in the corner of a room.

When your child has an area that is special to your home, they is required to add aesthetics to the space. It is possible that your child isn’t aware of these types of things, but in reality, he will. An area that contains objects that entice your child’s attention and inspire your child to stay there for a while is crucial to create an educational environment that is devoted to your child.

My glitter shoes are on my list of top fun learning activities that are filled with glitter!

Shoes with glitter are featured on this list since the child’s desire to study is biggest obstacle or opportunity in the process of the education of your child.

What is the reason I wrote the words barrier or opportunity? I wrote this to highlight the fact that the motivation of your child could very be a great occasion to get them in a myriad of educational activities that are fun and enjoyable. The lack of motivation in your child may be the thing that holds you behind in reaching your child’s potential.

The glitter shoes could be the incentive to learn. Listen to me out.

Self-help and autonomy training

If you’re teaching your child more independent, and you plan to teach the process of putting on shoes, the glitter shoes can be a great reason to make them want to try on shoes. At my center we’re always looking for methods to teach essential self-help abilities that are usually not really interesting for children (putting in shoes, using the bathroom, wearing coats and so on.). I’ve found that embellishing the shoes of a child (inside or out) can be useful in motivating them to get shoes on. The idea of “putting footwear in” as a way of being outside, can be beneficial also.

Family art project

Making glitter shoes can be a fun family project that provides sensory benefits. It also helps improve your child’s focus on something! Enjoy.

Teach your child how to ASK

I recommend you to use these adorable little pouches in order to help your child learn to ask. You child is fascinated by playing with miniature cars? Put one in the pouch and show your child the location by opening the pouch, telling them that the car is there and pointing it out. Close the pouch, and let your child write “car” or”car” or “car” according to the child’s level of communication.

Learn to teach your child how to tidy up after themselves

Use these cute, decorated glitter pouches to collect small items like coins or marbles. Let your child place them in the pouch in order one by one.

I am a fan of feathers during the therapy I do!

I have a lot of them and they come in all sorts of fun colors and sizes! I’m going to give you more enjoyable therapy games and activities that require feathers. But today we’re talking about glitter! Sparkling feathers.
Enjoy some sensory play

Create the feathers together with your kid (another enjoyable, family-friendly artwork project!) Use them to gently tickle your child lightly on their arms, hands, feet as well as the neck and face.