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When Should I Hold a Baby Shower?

You might be expecting a baby in the near future. Perhaps you know someone who is. You might have been placed in charge of planning an event for a family member or friend and you’re a bit out of your element. We’re here to answer any question you may have about the custom of having baby showers and the best way to go about it.

What are Baby Showers?

The baby shower traditionally is a celebration of the imminent birth of a baby. The mother-to-be and baby-to-be will be the main focus of these events. The goal of baby showers is to offer that mommy love and to gather many of the essential items required to care for the baby. The gifts are given to the mother-to-be. Since babies are born with lots of things and this list can get costly! Baby showers can be intricate occasions that involve games and activities but they also can be more relaxed and natural. It’s all about the intentions of the person who is organizing it and the needs of the mother-to-be.

Where did baby showers begin?

The baby shower we see it today is a new invention. It was first mentioned in Emily Post’s book “Etiquette the Blue Book of Social Usage” in 1937. Because it was not mentioned in earlier versions of this book (1927 as well as 1922) We can safely suppose that the custom was not widely practiced in the time of the book. At the time the shower was referred to as”stork shower. “stork shower.” and was just one kind of shower as there were also kitchen showers, larder showers and of course bridal showers.

At the time the time was when it was believed to be appropriate to have your shower at morning the day, and only close women close to the mother were invited.

The tradition to be surrounded by women’s relatives and friends is not new and was commonplace in the American colonial times women would hold “birthing celebrations” in the home that the mom-to-be was living in. These parties were where women such as a midwife, along with close female friends and family were able to gather with the mother when labor started and remain with her for several days until labor was over. In these gatherings, women who attended would share jokes as well as comfort and encourage mothers, and share stories and recipes. The goal was to assist the mother during her labor and strengthen the ties of the community.

Once labor was completed after which there was the “Lying in” period. The period of lying in was between three and four weeks. During the time, women of the local community would arrive to the home of the new mother for tea, visit and assist with household chores so it was possible for the new mother to recuperate. The mother later thanked her women’s community with an “groaning party” during which she prepared an extravagant meal for all who helped her.

Alongside the crying party New mothers were aware that they’d repay the women who had helped by attending birthing celebrations and laying in their periods as a reward.

The tradition of gift-giving for modern baby showers began in the Victorian time period. The celebrations of birth took place following the birth because Victorian women would conceal their pregnancy for as long as they could, and then withdraw from the public sphere after it was clear that the pregnancy could no longer be kept secret. After the birth women’s friends and families would host an event to celebrate the mother-to-be. If gifts were presented usually, they were made by hand.

Modern medicine has taken birth away from the care of midwives and eventually, out of the house entirely. Modern medicine also decreased the mortality of mothers and infants as well as birth celebrations prior to the birth of the baby began to become commonplace.

Baby Showers All Over the World

In India Godh Bharai

It is believed that the Godh Barhai ceremony in India typically takes place during the eighth or seventh month of pregnancy because the baby and mother are believed to be secure during this time. The word Godh Barhai refers to “to make your lap.” The mother-to-be be wears a unique dress, and is anointed with oil by older women of the family. The lap of the mother to be is then filled with gifts, sweets and fruit and may also be decorated with jewellery.

The dance and singing is a common feature during dances at Godh Barhai. Here’s a video of an Godh Barhai dance performance. On the clip, you’ll observe the mother-to-be in a special chair filled with beautiful flowers.

The gifts given during the Godh Barhai are only for the mother-to be. The baby’s gifts are distributed at a special celebration following the birth.

In Afghanistan The Sixth Night

In Afghanistan the celebrations of childbirth take place after the baby is born. Traditionally, it occurs at the end of the 6th night following the birth. The celebration brings family and friends families together over a lavish dinner. Presents are given to the baby’s diapers, clothing and toys. Baby boy celebrations are more elaborate than celebrations for girls.

The Dominican Republic – Baby Shower

Within the Dominican Republic, baby showers are an event to behold! They are lavish, large events that are attended by families and friends of both genders. The plan of the shower is often hidden from the parents who are expecting and is usually thrown as a surprise celebration. It is usually a large amount of food and drinks served, as well as dance and music are not uncommon.

When should I host an Baby Shower?

In the US Baby showers in the US usually take place in the afternoon, possibly as a relic of Victorian tea celebrations of the Victorian era. Baby showers are generally held between 4 and 6 weeks prior to that due date. This will ensure that the pregnancy is in good shape and the likelihood of miscarriage being a small one and the shower doesn’t get delayed by the premature delivery or birth.

This time of year, obviously will depend on the health of the mother and her preferences for the time of the shower. If the shower isn’t an extravagant event, you should discuss with the mother-to be and determine her preferences.

It’s also becoming more frequent for people to have baby showers at dinnertime as an example or baby shower brunches. Therefore, the rule of early afternoon isn’t necessary to be adhered to strictly.

How do I throw A Baby Shower?

You have two options you can end in planning and putting on the baby shower. You can either ask for it, or you are asked to. The baby shower is usually hosted by a person close to the mother. It is perfectly acceptable for the expecting mother to ask someone else to throw her a shower.

Typically the person throwing the shower isn’t someone from the immediate family (this is considered a gift-grabbing gesture by family members, and it can be seen as tacky) It is usually someone close to the family or a friend who is close to them.

The Guest List

The process begins with your guestlist. Baby showers are usually intimate events, which involve the mother-to-be’s most intimate female family members and friends. It is best to think about the people in your people in the family and friends are going to be most likely to to honor the birth of the child as well as consult with the mother-to be about who she’d like and wouldn’t wish to invite to the party. If you’re a member from the same family as them, it could be a discord within the family that you aren’t aware of.

Baby showers have traditionally been exclusively female-only events however, it is becoming more fashionable to host “co-ed” showers for babies which include women and men. In addition, some people organize multiple showers. This is due to the fact that a big gathering can be challenging for women who are late in their pregnancy, and also because the mother-to-be might want to create separate groups for example, one shower for friends, a family shower and a shower for coworkers.


Send invitations out between four and six weeks prior to when the event is scheduled to take place. This gives guests enough time to buy baby shower gifts, and gives you can plan your event itself. Make sure you request an RSVP so that you know the number of guests you need to prepare for. Don’t include a the information for a registry or gift on your invitations, as it is considered to be rude. You may give this information if guests would like it. Invitations can be sent out via email or social media, however it’s beneficial to give a printed invitation, in addition to electronic invitations. Some guests might want to keep the invitations as keepsakes.

If the family doesn’t wish guests to bring gifts such as is the case with a shower for a third or second baby or in the event of multiple showers sure to include this information in the invite. “No gifts, please.” will suffice. Family members and friends can also present gifts. But, the opposite of a gift request shouldn’t be part of the request.

Shower Favors

Shower favors are small presents that are given to guests at the shower. Favors are a great idea if it’s within your budget, especially if guests bring gifts. It’s a nice gesture of appreciation.

Shower favors are typically small presents. Sometimes, they’re just keepsakes. Sometimes, they’re a little bit of sweets in a pretty small bag. Since baby showers are usually exclusively female affairs candle, lip balms as well as bath and body products are frequent. A tiny stuffed animal can be a lovely present for a keepsake.

Make sure you match your favor with your budget! It’s not necessary to present an extravagant or personal gift to show your appreciation A small gesture will suffice.

Games and Activities and Games

Due to the increasing urbanization that is a hallmark of modern living in the US It is common for individuals from various social groups attending baby showers. This means that a lot of the guests won’t have a connection with one another. It can be awkward, however, planning activities and games will aid in breaking the ice for those who will be meeting people who are meeting for the first time. There are a lot of suggestions for games and activities available online. Choose one that best suits the personality and preferences of the mother-to-be.

Food and Drink

Baby shower food are usually light and simple to eat. Think of snacks and food items. Sandwiches, tea plates platters of cheese, pickles and olives are all common choices. They’re also simple to prepare. If you want to make sweets, think baking cupcakes, or even cookies. Make sure to keep the diet restrictions of the mother and her guests in mind. For example, pregnant women shouldn’t consume unpasteurized cheeses, for instance while some guests could be gluten or lactose intolerant or vegan or vegetarian. It is important to ensure that there are suitable food items for all guests as you don’t want any one to feel excluded or uncomfortable.

To drink tea and coffee, they are the most popular, like punches and juices made from fruit. Because the mom-to-be will likely be to avoid alcohol, it is ideal to stay clear of alcohol.


It was customary for the mother-to be to open her gifts for the shower at the event, but that’s not the case anymore. Particularly for large gatherings often, it can take a long time and would be dull for the guests wait for mom to open every present she received. If the mother-to be doesn’t feel at ease opening all the gifts do not give her the gift of opening them.

It’s best to set up a table or some other space where guests can deliver gifts and other items for the mother-to-be so she won’t have to contend with receiving every gift one at a.

When is the best time to stop?

A long-running party can be exhausting and stressful for mommy. The baby shower in the early afternoon should commence at lunchtime and conclude prior to dinner time. It’s acceptable to set an end time on the invitations and to enforce the exact time it’s due to come to a close. Just saying, “thank you all for coming,” can get the message across.

Remember that the mother-to be is the main guest. If she’s already reached the number of guests she can invite, the shower is likely to end soon.

After the party is over If you’ve had the pleasure of hosting at your home, make sure you assist guests with any packages or gifts. If you’ve held the party at her house, make certain to stay and tidy up. Do not leave a mess for your mom-to-be to clean up; take away trash and dishes as well as clean up any decorations and throw any food leftovers to the side.