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Why are we so fascinated with fireworks?

An important element to consider at any celebration is fireworks. Fireworks can be a great way of making people feel happy and emotional. They boost people’s moods and helps them enjoy the occasion even more. The best part about fireworks is there are many different types to suit different events. Wedding fireworks and sparklers are just two of them, and birthday celebrations have fireworks included in their plans.

In America in the United States, the Fourth of July is one of the holiday celebrations that always incorporate fireworks. The display of fireworks on this day is a wonderful way to cap off the Independence Day celebration. People step out in the sun, anchoring their boats along the pier. They then have a day full of barbeque and beverages, and of course fireworks.

Meanwhile, in the UK there are a variety of occasions where fireworks are an integral part of celebrations. These kinds of events are known as bonfire nights, and are usually a gathering of crowds. One of the popular bonfire nights throughout the UK is the Guy Fawkes Night, an event to commemorate the day that the plot to blow up the House of Parliament was discovered.

These celebrations usually have fireworks that go off for hours to elevate people’s spirits and get them in an incredibly pleasant mood. But what makes fireworks so distinctive? Why are we smiling when we see them take off? Here’s the reasons it is that we are happy whenever we witness fireworks:

This gives us certain sensation

The feelings you get with watching fireworks is the reason why you feel different emotions. For instance, when wedding fireworks go off you feel a sentiment of happiness and love for the event.

During Guy Fawkes, you get feelings of thankfulness for the failure of a plot to defeat the Parliament. Also, during New year’s day, you get a sense of happiness for the coming year. This is the reason why people generally feel more emotional during the New Year’s day, because it’s an opportunity to start fresh with new opportunities and possibilities as well as fireworks that trigger those emotions.

It’s the joy of experiencing it that makes you smile.

Aside from the fact that you’re celebrating a moment fireworks can transport you back to the past and bring back memories. If you are watching fireworks, you may feel nostalgic as there is something about the explosions that take place from the sky that cause these feelings.

The majority of people are exposed to fireworks at a very young age. When you’re young and see these powerful and beautiful sky paintings, they’ll be a part of your memory for a long time. It’s not just memories of the sight and the feeling you felt that day. This is why when you’re older, fireworks have a way of pulling your heartstrings, and making you feel sentimental.


One method to make your celebration memorable is to include fireworks to your celebration. These colorful fireworks will not only give your party some light however, they also can trigger happiness with those who you’re celebrating with. If you’re planning to purchase fireworks, local fireworks shops are likely to have a large assortment and sales personnel who will assist you with your needs. Give your family and friends an unforgettable evening! Add joy to your celebration with bursts of light and the color of fireworks.

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