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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Scratching Posts and Scratchers

Cats all need to scratch things – it’s in their genes. “It’s an integral aspect that cats communicate with each other and their surroundings and also communicate with their fellow cats” adds Marci of L. Koski Ph.D. A certified cat behavior consultant and trainer and the founder of Feline Behavior Solutions in Vancouver, Washington. Scratching helps keep claws of cats in good shape, allowing them to take on creatures (or toys) and also protect themselves. Scratching can also stretch the muscles in their back, which is especially soothing to your pet after a nap. In the end, your pet is bound to scratch at something and you should get the most effective scratching posts for cats that you can locate. If not, you’ll lose your furniture!

As you’ve probably figured out that cats are very picky. Not all scratching posts for cats are created equally. We’ve put together a selection of scratching posts or cat scratch pads, and all the rest to help you choose the most suitable one for your cat’s needs for scratching.

Things to consider before purchasing Cat Scratching Posts and Scratchers

Before you buy things your cat does not want to see for the couch Here are some important questions to consider when you look for a scratching post for your cat or a cat scratcher all over:

What’s your cat currently scratching about? “A majority people aren’t aware that your cat is telling you what she’s looking for with a scratcher” Koski says. “If she’s scratching on the sofa’s arm on to the ground, then she’ll most likely prefer the vertical type of scratcher. If she’s scratching your carpet horizontally, then she may prefer an horizontal scratcher.”

What kind of material do you think your cat is drawn to? Scratchers are available in a variety of textures. These include carboard, carpet and sisal (a tough, fibrous fiber that is often in the form of rope). Always consult your cat for advice. “Some cats scratch wood doorjambs. Okay, it could be that something horizontal and made from wood is a good scratcher for their needs. Some cats like sisal or carpet,” She says particularly when they love to scratch at your rug. Many cats also opt to a cat scratcher made of cardboard. Cats are also known to scratch to leave their marks and cardboard is a great cat to view their work.

How durable is it? “The problem with the majority scratchers for cats is that they can move and tip when cats try to utilize scratching devices,” says Koski. Therefore, you require scratchers that your cat can place their entire weight on, and reach out for a stretch, and then scratch. How do you know if you’ve got the top scratching post for your cat? Try shaking the top and if it shakes and sways, it’s not strong enough. Koski notes. One option: “Try to tighten it by using screws at the bottom.” If the scratcher glides effortlessly across the floor as you push itdown, Koski recommends placing non-skid carpet pad or yoga mat under it.

What size is it? Another error that cat owners make is buying an animal scratching post or cat scratching pad too small or too short for their cat. “I always believe that bigger can be better than smaller for cat since cats can reach and stretch out fairly a lot,” says Koski. For horizontal scratchers, a wider is also better. “Most mature cats are likely need something solid which they are able to walk upon,” She says.

Do I need multiple scratchers? Koski suggests buying several for your home and placing them throughout your home: 1. Your cat’s favorite place to lay down. “One one of the very first activities that cats do when they awake is to stretch and scratch.” and 2. In addition to the things your cat is already fond of scratch. “[Ifyou notice that your chair is being heavily pounded, set up an area for scratching in front of your chair and invite your cat to scratch” by giving treats or sprinkles of cat nips. (More on this below.)

Have I got more than one pet? While a couple of cats can use smaller scratchers made of cardboard just fine however, a bigger scratcher might be the best option when you have more than one cat. “If there is a huge pet tree could surely allow more cats to scratch at and utilize the same structure, as well as make the area more shared,” Koski says.

If you’ve mastered the fundamentals to get the most effective cat scratching posts This is a comprehensive overview of the various types and the ones that will suit your cat more.