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The 11+ exam: a guide for parents

The 11+ exam explained

When you are thinking about if you should send out the kid of yours to grammar school or maybe an independent school, then you might have already begun listening to references to the’ 11+ exam’.

What’s the 11+?

The 11+ is a picky entrance examination for secondary school, utilized by each state funded grammar schools and lots of private schools to determine probably the most academically able kids.

The exam is taken towards the conclusion of Year five or maybe beginning of Year six of primary school.

The 11+ continues to be applied to the next counties which happen to have state funded grammar schools: Berkshire, Wirral, Warwickshire, Walsall, Wiltshire, Trafford, Shropshire, Medway, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Kent, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, Essex, Dorset, Devon, Cumbria, Buckinghamshire, Birmingham, Bexley, Yorkshire and also Wolverhampton.

Northern Irish grammar schools utilize the Northern Ireland Transfer Test.

You will find 2 major exam boards for any 11 plus examination: CEM (Durham University) and GL Assessment. Which exam board is used generally is determined by the location of the chosen grammar school of yours. Nevertheless, often exam boards are able to differ between facilities in the exact same region, therefore it is essential to check out with your selected grammar school what exam board they are utilizing because it is going to affect the way you cook your child:

GL Assessment: Dorset, Kent, Cumbria and Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Medway, Northern Ireland, Wiltshire.
CEM: Berkshire, Wirral, Warwickshire, Walsall, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Devon, Buckinghamshire, Birmingham, Bexley, Wolverhampton.
CEM and also GL: Devon, Trafford, Hertfordshire, Essex, Yorkshire

Just what does it try?

The structure and content of the 11+ exam varies between various regions of the nation, though it’ll typically concentrate on a mix of the next 4 subjects:

Spoken reasoning
Non-verbal reasoning

Though the information in the English and maths assessments usually stay within the National Curriculum, verbal, and non verbal reasoning aren’t subjects which are taught together with the curriculum in state primary schools.
Does the kid of mine need to take the 11+?

No. The 11+ isn’t a compulsory test and it’s totally up for you to determine whether you would like the kid of yours to affect a grammar school.

Nevertheless, in several places (Buckinghamshire, for example), kids continue to be automatically authorized for the 11+ and also you have to opt out in case you do not desire the child of yours to sit down the exam.

In case you are unsure about how much the registration procedure is like in the region of yours, check the community authority site of yours.
How can I know if the 11+ is appropriate for the kid of mine?

The 11+ is created to determine probably the most academically able kids for entry to grammar schools.

In case you are uncertain whether grammar school is appropriate for the kid of yours, it is worth looking at the following questions:

Is the kid of yours gifted academically?
Usually are their school reports usually well above average?
Usually are your kid’s results above average in the SATs/CATs/PIEs/PIMs of theirs or perhaps whichever system the primary school uses of yours?
Does your child’s teacher feel that passing the 11+ is attainable to your kid?