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12th July 2022 The Best Baccarat Side Bets To Place

One of the reasons บาคาร่าเว็บไหนดี appeals to gamblers who are experienced is the possibility of offering a range of betting options. For a time traditional games offered only those three main options but the live casino offered by Unibet, there’s the possibility of much more so let’s guide you through the possibilities.


It’s been mentioned that this is not the most likely scenario and simply requires betting on the banker to have the better hand at the close of the round.


However, prior to when the game starts the option is to place bets on the player who will have the highest hand.


There is a chance of a tie occurring in Baccarat but odds of this to happen are as low as 8/1. A payout at those figures could be appealing, however this outcome is clearly less likely and serious Baccarat players will steer clear of it.

The three primary bets covered, but with our live casino you have more options to consider.

Player Pair

Betting on this option involves placing your bet on the player that has two cards that are identical. Anything between two Aces and two Kings and everything in between will pay out if you place a bet.

Banker Pair

You’ve got it right: This is the same bet as above but this time we are betting on the banker receiving two identical cards.

Either Pair

A Either Pair bet is tied to the first cards that are dealt to the player and banker. If they match , then you win the Either Pair gamble will pay out.

Perfect Pair

When we play a perfect pair in Baccarat you need the first two cards dealt to the banker to be a match and they should be of the same suit.

Although this is obviously the most risky option, it is important to remember that you can have as many as eight decks of cards inside the shoe, so the possibility of finding perfect pairs is very high.

Big Bets

In addition to the pair bets, the live Baccarat also offers players the chance to bet on the total number of points from the initial four cards.

The first is a Big Bet and in this scenario the house will pay out if the sum of the banker’s and player’s hands hits 5 or 6.

Small Bets

The small bet also takes into consideration the sum of the banker’s or player’s first four cards. If that number is 4 precisely, the bet will pay out.

Your Move

We’ve provided you with a comprehensive review of all the Baccarat possibilities at Unibet and all that’s required now is to take part. It’s a classic casino game and one of the reasons for its early popularity was its simplicity and, obviously, the low house edge.

It is possible to keep things simple by focusing on those three main bets on banker or tie but as we’ve observed, the development of live casinos has provided for more betting possibilities.

You can play some demo games to sharpen your Baccarat abilities. As when you’re ready play for realmoney, simply log in or complete a brief registration process and you’ll be ready for real cash versions.