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Big Brother’s big influence on the world of TV

The night of the Monday in the UK we bid farewell to the reality television program Big Brother, which has been cancelled after the 19th episode of its run.

Cameron Cole was announced as the winner of the last season following his victory over the housemate Akeem Griffiths.

The first episode aired in 2000, and since then it’s come a long ways from its initial description as”a “social test”.

Even though the show has ended its influence in the world of television is felt.

18 years later Here’s the way Big Brother has transformed the way we watch TV.

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We (the viewers) more power

Big Brother provided us with the privilege of voting as We were those to decide who was staying and who left.

This was the program that extracted away the control away from the producers and returned it to the viewers.

But wait you can find more. With the help of voting, we can choose what the housemates accomplished during their time at home.

Also, we can decide who was having fun and who didn’t.

The concept of allowing viewers to control the content they’re watching has been used in many shows including I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here and Love Island – and plays an integral role in taking pleasure in these shows.

The explosion of 24 hour reality television

The first season of Chicken Run premiered at the end of July in 2000 Chicken Run was the most popular movie at the box office. The Corrs were number one in the charts. Sara Cox was presenting the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and 1Xtra was not even born.

It seems that we are drawn to watching random couples living together, because there was a flurry of reality television shows.

Celebrity Big Brother kicked off in the year following with known (ish) household names.

“I’m An Celebrity… Take Me Out Of Here wasn’t much further behind in 2002, when we saw a glamorous model comedian, actor, and other A/B/C-listers live together in the wild.

A group of famous people traveled to an island in order in search of love. The island was named Celebrity Love Island.

Between that time we saw some of the best like Geordie Shore as well as Ex On The Beach.

There’s been a lot overlap between show including contestants like Charlotte Crosby, Scotty T and Marnie Simpson channel-hopping from Geordie Shore to Ex On The Beach to Big Brother.

It promoted streaming and spin-offs

The internet was probably around in the early 2000s , but it was extremely text heavy and YouTube certainly wasn’t an option.

However, Big Brother has helped to normalize something completely brand new: the 24 hour live feed.

The housemates squabbling for an hour every evening wasn’t enough to satisfy us. The advent of live feeds meant that we could switch on the television and be able to watch our housemates continuously, all the time.

In the end (when internet speeds slowed) the live feed may be streamed online, similar to every other television show.

Even though the majority of today’s reality TV shows don’t feature streams that live stream, fans are able to have fun with additional material in “bits off the side” kind of shows. Love Island In After Sun is anyone?

The development of more “celebrities”

It is possible to be famous because you are famous?

It is true and you can thank Big Brother for this.

Prior to the time that Big Brother existed regular people could be seen on television.

However, Big Brother did something completely different and made them famous for just being themselves.

If it’s because of Nikki Grahame’s temper issues or Pete Bennett’s charming personality, you have known their names in the past.

It’s the same for reality TV stars of today who are on various shows prior to deciding to start the TV industry and B: disappear from the radar or C: appear on Celebs Go Dating or D go to Celebrity Big Brother.

It completely was all over the world of television.

The majority of us Brits are familiar with seeing this house at Elstree in the form of Davina McCall, or Emma Willis telling the evicted housemate: “I’m coming to get to you!”

The style of the show in fact originated in The Netherlands along with the Big Brother franchise is a world-wide phenomenon.

From Brazil From Brazil to Albania Contestants from more than 50 nations and regions have sat on an enormous desk within the diary room.

The year 2001 was the first time Big Brother 3 in the Netherlands introduced the “rich and poor” concept of splitting the house in a luxurious half and a less-luxury half.

Big Brother Africa was the first to ever boast two winning contestants, with each winning PS150,000 during series six.

There have been a number of contestant swaps across countries. One memorable one was British’s Jade Goody from Big Brother 3.

She participated in Celebrity Big Brother 5, where she was famously involved in the race-related controversy with Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty.

Jade was later able to take part in the third Big Brother series – this time in India in 2008.

Jade’s participation in the show ended tragically. Within two days of the show, Jade received a cervical cancer diagnosis. She had to return home.