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The advantages of using mobile catering for events

We like a great sit down catering gig, don”t get us wrong. Through the entire year we do a lot of incredible weddings, corporate events and parties, and each one is unique to us.

Nevertheless, our mobile catering kitchen area is loaded with chances to ‘hit the road’ during the springtime and summer time months. Our clients love our exclusive catering experience, and also it is also fantastic fun for us. While we are able to absolutely make some kitchen equipment or maybe gear offered at almost a website (trust us, we have done it), alternatively, we are able to provide the kitchen for you. Actually.

Having said that, we thought it will be beneficial in case you might outline the 3 benefits connected with utilizing a mobile party catering on your upcoming event.

Speed kills.

Whenever we use the kitchen with us, we’re accountable from end to end for anything. Often delays in access or maybe equipment malfunction are encountered in unusual brick and mortar operations. Our staff is much more than capable of obtaining the very best of every circumstance, but our mobile foods trailer can’t be beaten in conditions of efficiency and speed.
On-site arrangement is a cinch by making all in advance at our center, properly loading it within the trailer and also transporting vehicles.


In terms of party planning, and hosting a wedding party, the mobile home is most likely probably the most flexible tool we’ve readily available. We are able to bring the kitchen in case you can get an automobile there.

The same holds true for the dining choices. From our mobile trailer we have made everything from barbecue and sandwiches to sit down – down appetizers, entrees and canapes.

It’s Fresh

Of course, the ingredients and nutrition are really fresh. But that is honestly no completely different from every other event we cater right here in Ottawa. The set up is new in these mobile cases. It is lots, cool, and hip of fun for every person involved.

Actually the classiest of events are usually offered an informal appeal by making use of a mobile food truck. Our mobile catering products are utilized for countless successful marriages, outdoor gatherings, along with various other situations that required an informal twist.

You are able to speak to us immediately for even more info on our mobile catering services. We’ d like to assist you with a new event!