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What Makes A Good Baby Shower Gift?

As babies make their appearance into this world, they can’t take on much. They certainly be diaper-less! Selecting a diaper from this category is one of the most practical baby items that you can offer. Here are the top options to think about:

* Diapers. No surprise, diapers are one of the most useful baby shower gifts. Because infants go through an average of 2,000-2200 diapers in their first year! We suggest bringing a box with different sizes so that the new parents don’t wind up with too many of one size.

The baby wipes. These can be used in conjunction with diapers! They are also useful to do more than just wipe bottoms that makes them one of the most essential baby shower gifts. Many parents use baby wipes to wipe off messy hands, feet, and even their faces.

* Diaper pail/disposal. Many parents place a special garbage disposal in the changing table. It is equipped with an deodorizer. This is practical and eliminates any unwanted smells. Although it’s not the most beautiful gift to give but it’s definitely one of the more useful and practical one!

Practical Baby Shower Presents for Nap and Bedtime

Other than having dirty diapers, newborns have a great their time sleeping! In fact, new babies have an average of 14-17 hours of rest over an entire 24 hours. These are among the most helpful baby shower gifts you can think of bringing:

• Swaddle blankets. They may be referred to “swaddle” blankets however they’re practical gifts as they can be used for a variety of purposes! If you’re not swaddling your child to aid in sleep they are great as burp cloths, tummy time mats, regular blankets or even a blanket for your pet. Breastfeeding moms can make use of swaddle blankets for nursing covers. Check out swaddles with our partners aden + anais.

* Sound machine. It is among the most useful baby presents because parents will depend upon it over the course of months, perhaps even years. In order to mimic the white noises that come from the womb, and assist babies sleep, a sound machine gives a variety of sounds, from shushing or crashing waves, which can assist babies to sleep more comfortably.

* Bedside bassinet. Although it’s not recommended for baby to co-sleep with parents, the bassinets on their beds ensure a close, secure sleeping environment for both parents and baby. This handy gift allows parents to see baby throughout the night, easy access for feeding times at night as well as reassurance that baby is safe.

Practical Baby Shower Presents for the feeding

The growth of babies is exponential in the first year of life , and exhibit the desire to prove it! The decision to bring something to assist parents while they feed their babies is thoughtful and beneficial:

* Bibs. It’s a fact that babies are messy! Food can be a particularly messy affair, which makes bibs one of the most essential baby shower presents. They’re great because they keep track of spills and food particles that can become loose. Also, prior to babies starting eating solid foods parents can wear diapers to prevent spit up and drooling. Look for burpy bibs on our partners aden and anais.

* Bottles. For the first few years of life, the baby’s main supply of nutrients is breastmilk, formula, or a combination of the two. Therefore, bottles are an ideal gift choice for parents! Even if mom is nursing, the bottles are beneficial for her to take to work or allows other members of the family to help in feedings when they are required.

* Utensils. True, babies rely on formula or breast milk initially but soon enough, solid food will be an integral part in their daily diet. Making sure parents have bowls, utensils, and/or plates makes it much easier for them to prepare when the time comes!

Practical Baby Shower Gifts for breastfeeding mothers

A lot of women decide to breastfeed to gain nutritional benefits and bonding. But, it’s essential to keep in mind that breastfeeding can be as “free” as people make it out to be. These are vital gifts to help any mom-to-be-to-be:

Nursing Pads

New mums leak. There’s no way to prevent it! While some might leak more than others, the majority of new moms will appreciate nursing pads to prevent the need to change the shirts each and every hour!

Nipple Cream

While not the “cutest” gift idea, it is the most practical (and a lifesaver) for mothers who are breastfeeding and dealing with sore and chapped the nipples.

Milk storage bags

Many nursing mums chose to pump milk also. To assist them in getting started on building their stockpile, gifting the milk storage bags with specific labels is very practical and considerate!

Practical Baby Shower Gifts to Give for Bath Time

Babies usually love bathing, and that’s why it’s an integral part of the routine of bedtime for many parents. While many homes come equipped with a bath or sink Here are some helpful gift ideas that can make bathtime a more smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone:

The portable bath tub for baby. A bath that parents can move around their home and keep their children protected is one of the most useful gifts you can bring! A few portable baths available on market come with a built-in thermostat to ensure that the water temperature isn’t too cold or hot.

* Bathtime gift set. Baby’s skin is sensitive and newborns need special soap. Numerous brands provide gift sets with all a baby’s needs for bath time, such as soap, shampoo, scrub brush, washcloths, and more!

* Bath toys. These might not get used right away however, they are fantastic baby shower gifts! It’s a practical gift which will spare parents the trouble of having to buy them something when they get older. There are many exciting options to pick from!

Practical Baby Shower Ideas for Around the House

The first few months, moms and babies are often spotted in the home. This is why it is what makes these items among the most considerate baby shower ideas:

* Diaper caddy. The most stressful thing for parents is screaming children who require diaper changes, and all the diapers are in a different area or on a different level in the house. This is the reason why diaper caddy can be useful! It allows parents to stash diaper changing supplies at different places to be used in a convenient manner.

* Boppy pillow/lounger. These loungers and pillows generally come designed in the shape of a moon and are suitable for a variety of phases! From supporting babies during nursing to helping them as they start to sit in a chair, a boppy pillow can be a great gift for parents.

* Slings/carriers. This is a crucial gift most moms don’t realize how much they’ll use! With a baby sling or carrier, parents are able to do things in the home while keeping their little one comfy and safe.

Practical Baby Shower Presents Clothes

Baby clothes are a sought-after option for gifts since it’s so much fun to select cute outfits! If you’re looking for some useful clothes gifts Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

* Gender-neutral. Unless you can be certain that the mother-to-be is obsessed with pink or blue the best option is to keep clothing gender-neutral. There are many options on the market for clothing that doesn’t fall into a stereotypical category of either gender. In addition, it is more efficient since it is able to be passed down to children who may be of in a different gender.

* Booties. Outfits can be fun, but frequently, footwear for babies gets left out! Because of their circulation, babies feet run cooler than the rest of their body. This makes baby booties a practical gift for baby showers!

* Stick to the basics. Although everyone would love dressing their infant, the reality is that the majority of outfits aren’t practical. It’s more beneficial for parents to keep an adequate supply of basic clothing such as basic white onesies.

Practical Baby Shower Presents for playtime

Playing is a crucial part of a child’s development and it begins early! Selecting toys that are age-appropriate and stimulate the child’s physical and intellectual development are especially thoughtful gift ideas:

* Gym mat/activity mat. These are excellent gifts as they can often help babies grow from tummy time to sitting up. A mat that is easy to transport or store is particularly useful.

* Books. Research has proven that reading to children from the age of one has long-lasting benefits! This makes books a practical present to give parents a a jump start on the game of reading. There are even books written specifically for newborns!

* Noisemakers. Also known as “rattles.” They’ve been a staple gift for infants for centuries! This is because infants are responsive to sound and it encourages the development of connections with the world. Finding a noisemaker that is soft or can double as a teething object can make it an even more useful option!

Practical Baby Shower Gifts for the outside of the House

As mum and dad get more relaxed, families are likely to begin to leave the house as the baby grows older! Keeping this in mind it is a good idea to look at these practical ideas for gifts when you are choosing baby shower presents:

* Car seat cover. When it comes to taking the baby out for a walk mothers will be happy with these car seats covers! This stretchy, cotton material shields infants from the elements. Plus it is especially useful to help keep babies asleep during car journeys!

* Diaper bag. You’ll need a bag to get out with a newborn in tow is not easy This is why a quality diaper dag can make all the difference! There are numerous options on the market, so you can get a bag that’s stylish and practical.

* Portable sound machine. If life is hectic or even when naptime is on the go. If this is the case, parents will be grateful to have a portable sound system to take with them. This is because they will be able to offer soothing, comfort to little ones in the car or walking around.

Practical and useful gifts for new Mums

Nothing can prepare a new mom for the reality of the birth of a baby. Especially for the first time moms, the process may be overwhelming. We are so focused on the needs of the baby and we frequently neglect to think about the mom. Here are some clever baby shower gifts to keep mum at the forefront of your mind:

The gift cards are a great option. This is especially helpful especially for places such as Amazon in which she is able to buy anything they need it! It’s also worth buying gift cards for new moms to restaurants who deliver to ease the burden of food during those hectic early months and weeks.

• Help with chores. This can take the form of hiring an outside person to do the cleaning or offering to clean it yourself once the baby arrives! It’s a useful present while making sure to remember that most new mums want to soak up as much time as possible with their babies.

• A rest. There are times when new mothers need to take a break (and often some much needed rest!). While this may not be a gift you officially give the mom-to-be until after the baby’s birth however, it’s an excellent gift to consider. The idea of offering to sit or cuddle the little one while she naps, or taking a shower or eating without interruption is considerate and kind!

The baby shower can be the perfect opportunity to show the mother-to-be that you appreciate and care for your baby! One way to show your love and care is by giving a wonderful gift. If you’re trying to figure out what you should bring for a baby’s shower, we hope that this list is helpful in locating the perfect (and practical) gift for your dear baby!