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Here’s 10 great reasons to use a Belfast mortgage advisor

The mortgage is the biggest financial decision that most of us have to make, however they can be a bit complicated. With a myriad of options readily available, it can be difficult to determine the perfect solution for your requirements.

That’s where mortgage brokers with experience are available. They assist you in getting the most competitive and appropriate mortgage that fits your needs and make it easier to get an offer that makes the process as easy and swift as it can be.

This is why you should think about having a professional assist you through the maze of mortgages.

Advice from the entire market A mortgage advisor Belfast seeks the best mortgage to suit your needs from all over the market. If you directly approach the lender to get an loan, it will be restricted to their own offers which might or might not be best option for you. A broker can provide guidance tailored to meet your individual requirements, and isn’t dependent on a specific provider.

Fully certified and regulated Brokers must have professional qualifications in order to offer mortgage advice. Additionally, they are subject to statutory regulation from the Financial Conduct Authority. This offers you assurances that they have completed the mortgage examinations required to be able to practice. They’ll treat you with respect and ensure they suggest the mortgage the best fit for you. You can also get a redressal from the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are unhappy with their recommendations.

The ability to access exclusive product offerings: brokers have the ability to gain access to mortgages that might not be accessible directly to you. Some lenders only provide their products through brokers , and do not directly deal with the general public. They may be better suited to your specific needs, and only through a broker to learn more about these products.

Knowledge of the market It’s one thing to find that most competitive loan however that’s only half the tale. A broker is aware of what mortgages are available to obtain and which lenders are likely to refuse your application. They will help you make the job done right the the first time around, and this can possibly make or break your purchase of a property. Also, they know what lenders can respond quickly to mortgage applications and are having trouble with service.

Fee-free or fee-free: Many lending institutions pay broker a certain percentage of the amount of loan, referred to as a procuration fee when the mortgage has been completed. It is essentially a commission to the broker who introduces you as a potential customer to the bank or lender that gives you with a mortgage. Certain brokers might be charged for providing advice or helping arrange the mortgage. The cost will differ. There is the possibility of being charged an amount that is fixed, for example, PS250 or a percentage of the loan such as 1%, for instance. The amount of the charge could be contingent on the complexity of the application. You might have to pay for the fees in advance upon receiving the mortgage proposal from the lender or at the completion the purchase. Brokers will give you their terms of service, usually at the beginning of contact. These terms will detail their charges and the dates they are due so that you are able to make an informed choice.

A simple and hassle-free process: Getting an mortgage or buying an apartment can be difficult and time-consuming, with numerous forms to fill in and various parties to pursue. A broker handles the work for you, removing the burden, assisting you to fill in the forms and then preparing your case to ensure it can be approved the first time. Then , they remain at the forefront of the entire process, staying contact with the lender and communicating with solicitors when required.

Needs of a specialist If you’re self-employed, have a seasonal income, or have having a history of bad credit, you might be unable to obtain a mortgage through the high street. Brokers have access to an array of special lenders and has experience aiding those who are not eligible for the market. Specialized lenders, like Aldermore recognize that life sometimes gets out of the most ideal plans, and it is possible to be turned down at the hands of a conventional lender due to the fault of no one else. Our underwriters are experienced and evaluate every application in a separate manner and will look at the larger picture in case the circumstances you are facing are unique.

All hours are open Brokers often make themselves available at your convenience, whether it’s at night and weekends, or during the lunch hour. They can be reached any way you’d like whether by telephone, by social media, video or email. This flexibility makes brokers distinct from banks on the high street as well as building societies.

More financial advice Brokers usually specialize in different areas of financial services. This means they can take a broader review of your financial situation instead of just dealing in relation to your mortgage. A broker, for instance, can help you set up building insurance, which may need to be arranged by the mortgage lender and can also discuss life insurance, as well as other forms of insurance that may be appropriate for your needs. They can help you find the house of your dreams, they can suggest insurance that will ensure that you will be able to keep it no matter what the world throws at you.

Trustworthy to you: In the event that your circumstances alter, your mortgage agent is available to assist you in evaluating the options available to you. They usually contact you prior to your deal closing to see whether they are able to get you an improved mortgage. The broker would like to maintain your business for the long haul and want clients to refer them to your friends and your family. They will take care to protect your interests and remain loyal to you as their customer.