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The Benefits of Using Developer Exit Finance

Developer exit financing is a type of credit that developers utilise to refinance or sell a finished or nearly finished real estate project. It is a short-term, specialised bridging arrangement that is provided at a lower interest rate than your current project development loan.

Following are typical uses for developer exit financing:

Refinancing the development loan can be done in order to transfer to a more affordable financing alternative, release equity, or buy additional time.

In order to sell the property, developer exit financing can be employed to close the difference between the sale price and the remaining balance of the development loan. As a result, the developer can sell the property right away and avoid having to wait for the development loan to be fully returned.

Using developer exit money has a lot of advantages, including:

Flexibility: Developer exit financing can be customised to fit the project’s and the developer’s particular requirements.

The ability to quickly arrange developer exit financing is crucial for developers who must sell their property.

Competitive rates: Compared to development loans, developer exit financing is often provided at a lower rate.

Equity can be released through developer exit financing, which can then be utilised to finance the developer’s subsequent project.

How to meet the requirements for developer exit money

The following requirements must normally be satisfied in order to be eligible for developer exit financing:

Have a solid track record of developing projects on time and within budget: You must have a solid track record of developing projects on time and within budget.

Have a solid exit plan: You must have a solid exit plan for the property, which may include selling it, refinancing the development loan, or giving it to a new owner.

Have a strong credit history: You must be able to afford the loan’s monthly installments and have a solid credit history in order to qualify.

Application process for developer exit financing

You must speak with an expert lender if you want to apply for developer exit financing. The lender will require details regarding the property, the development loan, and your exit plan. The lender will then review your application and present a financing proposal.

How to acquire the greatest developer exit funding agreement

Here are some pointers for obtaining developer exit financing at the greatest price:

Before getting a loan, shop around and compare the rates and terms offered by several lenders.

Pre-approval will give you a better sense of how much money you can borrow and what your monthly repayments would be.

Have a solid exit plan: A lender is more likely to approve your loan and provide you a reasonable rate if your departure plan is well-articulated.


When a developer needs to refinance or sell a finished or nearly finished real estate development, developer exit finance can be a useful instrument. It is a versatile and cost-effective form of financing that can assist developers in achieving their objectives.

Be sure to search around and compare the rates and terms of various lenders if you’re thinking about employing developer exit loans. Before you apply for a loan, it’s crucial to have a solid exit strategy in place.