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Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

Ask anyone who has received a professional massage. The professional massage will leave you feeling relaxed and yet powerful. It felt like you had just a few minor kinks to do.
These benefits aren’t just anecdotal. Nope, the effectiveness of massage therapy is supported by decades worth of scientific research.

You may already know that massage is good for your mind and body. But, it’s worth finding out why. We want you all to be aware of how massage can affect your body, so we have listed five top benefits to therapeutic massage in London.

1. Massage reduces muscle soreness.

It doesn’t matter what tough means to you; a difficult workout leaves you feeling like a regular flight uphill stairs is 20-miles of hiking. For elite athletes, therapeutic massage is an excellent way to soothe sore muscles after a hard workout.

Massage therapy is not only a great way to soothe sore muscles but it can also reduce the pain of people suffering from chronic pain, or any other syndrome in which pain is a side effect. The benefits of therapeutic massage for pain relief from surgery, fibromyalgia or other ailments have been proven.

2. Massage helps to relieve anxiety and stress

You have a lot of responsibilities. There are work deadlines, family obligations, and endless to-do list. While our world is more sensitive to the serious state of mental illness, busyness can still be a badge.

Regular massages can help you reduce stress and anxiety. You will feel better if you take time to yourself. Furthermore, massage therapy is scientifically proven effective in helping your mind and muscles relax.

Massage releases tension and calms your fight or flight response.

3. Massage can help you sleep better

Sleep deprivation is just as common today as stress and anxiety. Consider adding regular massages to your wellness program if you need some help unwinding. Researchers have shown that therapeutic massage can aid in falling asleep quicker, staying asleep longer, and getting better sleep quality. It is known that massage therapy can help insomniacs catch more ZZZs.

4. Massage can help improve your immune function

You may find that you are often suffering from a minor illness or a cold, and therapeutic massage might be able to help. Research shows that massage therapy can increase lymphocytes (a type of white blood cells that protect your body from disease) in your blood. Studies also show that massage therapy can lower markers of disease such as inflammation, cortisol and other stress hormones.

5. Massage can help increase your flexibility, range of motion, and mobility

Can you touch your feet? You don’t have to touch your feet if this is the case. Massage therapy improves flexibility and joint range of motion by manipulating the soft tissue in your body.

Sport massage is well-known because of its effect on movement functionality. But any manipulation to muscle or connective tissue may improve these parameters. Researchers believe that massage therapy promotes blood circulation to the joints, lymph circulation, and relaxation of the muscles.

You are ready to reap all the benefits of massage. Call our office now to book your massage appointment.