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Using a Donor Egg to Get Pregnant

Because of egg donors, a female with no viable eggs can continue to have an infant of her own.

For a female that does not have some practical eggs – whether due to primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), likewise referred to as premature ovarian failure, or maybe some other problem or state – pregnancy might feel as a fantasy.

The happy news is which a female dealing with these issues might be ready to experience childbirth and pregnancy by making use of a donated egg that’s fertilized by her partner’s sperm and after that implanted in the uterus of her, wherever it’ll hopefully develop into a great pregnancy.
What’s a donor egg?

A donor egg is an egg that’s been donated by yet another female. The egg is going to have the DNA of her, and also shall be fertilized together with your partner’s (or maybe a donor’s) sperm.

The embryo will be transferred to your uterus utilizing in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the hopes that it’ll implant. If it can, you will have the pregnancy and also experience childbirth in the exact same manner you’d in a pregnancy which happened with the own egg of yours.

Much more great news: Since most donors are younger, the eggs of theirs is healthy, making the speed of good pregnancies with donor eggs quite high – there is close to a fifty % success rate per cycle.
Who’s a prospect for donor eggs?

When you have not been equipped to conceive using the very own eggs of yours, you might want to use donor eggs – a method which has been becoming more popular recently.

The amount of IVF cycles with utilized donor eggs has grown by aproximatelly sixty nine % from 2000 to 2010, according to just one study.

The portion of IVF cycles which use donor eggs additionally will increase with age, particularly in females with the age of forty. Below are a few females who might be a prospect for donor eggs:

Ladies who do not have viable eggs. Older females, for instance, or maybe females that have reached menopause are excellent donor egg candidates. The likelihood of a female in her mid-to-late 40s conceiving during an IVF cycle with the individual 40-plus-year-old-eggs of her are one %.
Women born with no ovaries.
Women who have a problem or needed medical treatment which damaged the eggs of theirs.
Ladies who had terrible egg embryo quality with earlier IVF attempts.

How can I find an egg donor?

A good way to locate an egg donor is using a fertility clinic or maybe egg donor agency such as Ovogene egg bank in UK, that will enable you to select an egg out of an anonymous donor. This particular option could be much more confidential, since there is a clearly defined connection with the donor. A few fertility clinics additionally enable you see pictures of potential donors before selecting an egg.